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B5 Original notes ?

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  • B5 Original notes ?

    I read a post somewhere, where someone illustrated how close to JMSs original plans for B5 matched the final product. They posted some notes supposedly written by him the day he concieved the idea...

    Does anyone have these notes, or a link to them ?


    P.S. Hiya from a long time B5 fan and newbie to this forum.

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    Truly original notes?

    Maybe somewhere in The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5?

    Sometime ago (B5 was still in its original run) I read a write up where someone speculated about it, from his own point of view as a writer (he ended his analysis directly urging people to buy his books), but that analysis didn't stem from original notes, speculated from incomplete information (thus contradicting several of JMS's comments), and only dealt with events up to season 3 or so. That is one that I don't think is worth reading again.

    But what you mention sounds interesting, and I don't remember ever reading it.
    If anyone finds them I'd love to see them too.
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