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  • Gag reels on the DVDs

    I'm not finding the gag reels on seasons 1 (if there even is one) and 2 (according to google, there is one). They are somehow hidden in extras but I just can't find'em.

    Can someone give me detailed instructions on how to find'em?



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    Someone gave me these instructions and they worked for me. I don't think there's a gag reel on Season 1 (but I could be wrong).

    Season 1 - On Disk 6, enter Special features then enter The Universe of Babylon 5. Data Files will be highlighted. Hit Enter. Scroll down any of the five categories on the right side and push the right arrow. You will see a number 5 appear. Hit enter.

    S2 - On Disk 6 go to Special Features and enter The Universe of Babylon 5. Navigate (or press right arrow) to Data Files. Scroll down until you reach Project Lazarus. Go left and the number 5 should appear. Press Enter to get the funny reel.

    Good luck
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      There isn't a gag reel on the first season DVD,but there's a promo clip (only on the NTSC version of the DVD) :

      Insert disc 6 of the set and from the Main Menu select 'Special Features.' There, select the 'Universe of Babylon 5.' In the following menu, select 'Data Files' and in the sub menu that follows, highlight the menu entry that reads 'Battle of the Line.' Now, press the 'Right' arrow key on your remote control and the '5' logo will appear on the side of the screen. Press 'Enter' and you will get to see a generic 'Babylon 5' promo clip.
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