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Christmas Eve on Spsilon 3

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  • Christmas Eve on Spsilon 3


    This is a little ditty I wrote as a Christmas present for a few friends. They have caught the B5 bug after borrowing my box sets.

    Comments welcomed - please be gentle.
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    Other than a couple minor problems here and there (spelling, and an extra syllable where there shouldn't be one), it's very, very nice. Thanks.
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      I had missed the original posting and fogotten to check it.

      It's quite good!!

      The only suggestion I would make is that the verse "G'Kar and Lyta take a ship to the stars..." should be moved next to last, some of the happenings in that verse are out of order where it stands.
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        Speaking of Christmas Eve...

        That was Thursday night in my church. Today, Friday, is our Christmas.

        Merry Christmas - Happy Christmas.

        Christ is Born! Glorify Him!
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          Thanks for the comments so far.........