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Why B5 Had Such a Tough Time Attracting Viewers

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    Well I knew that Babylon was going to be on so, advertising for the show was good. I did not however see the pilot and was only able to catch small bits and pieces of the first season.

    I caught the first show of the second season when Sheridan took over but it did not seem to make sense, missed a couple more shows and was always wondering what was going on, I picked up on the remarks relating to previous episodes but did not know what they were talking about.

    I finally got to watch the show weekly toward the end of the second season. Watching a couple of episodes in a row proved that the series had more to it then other series. From then on I was hooked. Problem was toward the end of the fourth season the station I was watching it on, dropped the last four episodes. So when TNT started the Fifth season I had no idea what had happened Sheridan was now president of the Non-Aligned League

    I made up my mind to watch the series from the beginning as TNT was running it at the same time. I'm glad to say I never missed a single episode and the more I watched the deeper my appreciation of the show and JMS as a writer got. The beauty of the series is that for me, no matter how many times I have watched it I always notice things I did not pick up on before,


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      My wife and I began watching B5 with the original broadcast of The Gathering. For some reason, I managed to tape that broadcast...and I decided that I would do the same when the series debuted.

      We only had to wait a year, but in the meantime, we watched The Gathering at least once a month.

      We were hooked since day one, especially since we could see some of the arc unfold during S1. We used to speculate on what someone had said, what was behind that remark, etc. Sometimes, we'd even be correct!

      Once "Sky Full Of Stars" was broadcast...we were floored!

      Needless to say, we taped all of the shows in every Season first. Then I bought the Columbia House tapes, then the DVDs! Oh, how much of my pension went into B5 Merchandise, LOL!

      Yes, S1 appears weak compared to subsequent seasons...but it was the set up for what was to come. My recommended S1 eps for the B5 newcomer:

      -The Gathering
      -Midnight On The Firing Line
      -And The Sky Full Of Stars
      -Signs and Portents
      -A Voice In The Wilderness (Parts 1 & 2)
      -Babylon Squared

      If they're not hooked after these, then forget about it. If they are hooked, then, it's on to the complete S2-S5.


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