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The Worst Idea Since... (A Silly Thread)

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    The worst idea since french toast sticks with the maple syrup on the inside like some sort of breakfast twinky some ideas are just plain wrong.

    Or mexican pizza more food gone wrong. I accidently bought two frozen mexican pizzas the other day by accident. I just looked at the picture on the box looked like my normal combo pizza cooked up looked like a normal combo pizza took a bite and thats when it struck me to examine the box more carefully. Low and behold mexican pizza curse the bastards at Tony's pizza for one making mexican pizza and two making the box and picture on the box look just like a combo pizza. Making my only reasonable reponse be I HOPE TONY'S FAKE ITALIAN ASS BURNS IN HELL FOR SELLING OUT THE OTHERWISE HONNORABLE WORLD OF FROZEN PIZZA!

    Fish tocos need I say more.

    Artificial butter spray.

    Having Fabio market artifical butter spray.

    Sprayable cheese now you can depleate the ozone layer and spray artifical cheese on things at the same time.

    Sprayable food in general.

    That wierd scent machine that you plug in and has many different scents each with a different button. You push the button for the scent of your choice to be realesed and the machine plays a little song to go along with your scent. Yes now scents have thier own theme tunes. They've been advertising this insane thing right and left on American T.V. do they advertise this in your country too? Why do I have this feeling they don't? Do any of you own such a devise? If so hows your purchase working out?

    The Salad Shooter yes it's exactly what it sounds like it's a big plastic gun that shoots salad. Now you can impress your dinner guests by shooting salad right into thier bowl, lock and load it's dinner time. My friends mom actually bought one of these things and no it doesn't actually work. I wonder if she's bought a Scent and Tune or what ever the hell it's called yet. Maybe I should call and tell her about it.

    Well that's all I can come up with for now. But I'm sure if I watch a little T.V. I can come up with more.