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  • Eep

    What does this mean?

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    I stole this from someone on the moderated newsgroup. Hope they don't mind.

    John Duncan Yoyo said:
    Not quite a PEEP just an EEP. JMS promised that he wouldn't utter
    a peep about something but he gave us an -eep not quite a peep but
    more than silence. Eeps are almost always good news.
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      From the jmsnews archives ...

      From the horse's mouth:

      (Longtime followers of the various news groups know that an eep means that something significant has happened, but that I can't talk about it...the eep is just a way of saying, on the QT, that something has, indeed, happened and it's real, not just speculation or maybe-gonna-happens. So on that basis, you may consider this an eep.)

      {ref: jms on Usenet 11/30/2003}

      Additionally, jms has this to say about why 'eep'

      As for Eep, I guess I picked it because it's so small that you might miss it, it was vague enough not to get me in trouble, and it's kind of a mouse sound.

      {ref: jms on Compuserve 11/26/1998}

      And, finally, this word of warning from jms which comes at a time when B5 was being concidered for renewal ...

      But y'see, the Eep is only used when I know for sure it's renewed and can't say so. Now it's renewed and I can say so, and I was away for the very brief misuse the power of the Eep is a serious infraction.

      {ref: jms on GENIE 6/13/1996}

      I hope this clears things up a bit!


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