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Crusade Series Bible? (spoilers?)

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    Well, I guess I should expect nothing less from Kosh a.k.a. JMS.


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      I always assumed JMS was "Great Maker," but Kosh is perfectly logical.

      "Kosh" is too close to the Russian word for cat "Koshka" to be a coincidence. JMS is of Russian background (sounds like at least second generation in the U.S.) appears to be fond of cats. Mr. Kitty, for example, and Londo with Vir talking about being "pecked to death by cats" (Londo, of course, was describing a Duck.

      One of WB's most famous characters is...Daffy Duck, you know - the "Ancient Egyptian God of frustration" as Zak explained to G'Kar while looking at the Daffy Duck picture in Garibaldi's quarters. Garibaldi also seemed to like 20th century cartoons...of Daffy Duck! Is there something subliminal here?
      Michael Malloy

      Never forget:

      Moscow; Beslan 2004
      Kosovo: 1999, 2004
      New York City: September 11, 2001
      Smyrna: September 9, 1922
      Armenian Genocide in Turkey: 1915-1917


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        I haven't even seen Crusade yet, and I want it back. Personally, I'm keeping my fingers crosses that this mysterious 100 pg trade paperback comic will serve to resolve Crusade and lead in to TMoS.
        "Babylon 5 was the last of the Babylon stations. There would never be another. It changed the future, and it changed us..."