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    Originally posted by WorkerCaste
    If I had to make a guess, I'd say character development. When you watch in the JMS preferred order there is a building of the characters. I think "War Zone" shown as a pilot interferes with that because it forces some elements of the characters too early. That's my guess, anyways.
    Still I hate to lose the Max Eilerson bits in War Zone, and if it's shown anywhere in the order, it should be first, definitely not second to last.
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      Gary Cole's character wears a large, gold class ring of the style that are common for graduates from military academies. This ring was originally a prop produced for the short-lived science fiction series "Crusade" (1999), on which Cole played captain Matthew Gideon. The ring was worn in every episode, and was supposed to show that Gideon was a graduate of Earthforce Military Academy. "Office Space" was the first project Cole worked on following the cancellation of "Crusade" (1999) and wore the ring as an in-joke, referring to his previous job.

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