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  • B5 the station

    I don't know if this has ever been discussed before but here goes.

    In episode 1 Season 5, Lochley mentions to John about the Alliance purchasing the station from Earth Gov. Does any one know if this ever happens?

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    I'm assumining that it is the EA that demolish the station in Sleeping In Light. Sheridan doesn't seem too pleased at the prospect and the Minbari tend to enshrine inportant places in their history. My guess is that the planned purchase never happened.
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      The station was an independent state after the "severed dreams" trilogy of episodes, it was the other way around I think, the Earth Alliance thinking of buying B5 back from the Interstellar Alliance.
      (Must have been an interesting case from the legal standpoint... paying back for an EA station that declared independence)

      Since the EA demolished B5 in the end the purchase (or otherwise achieved transfer of ownership) should have happened.
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        Well,in SiL at the end it was an Earth military officer that was taking care of the station in its final moments,so my guess it was still the property of earth gov.
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          IIRC, didn't the EA commander in SIL said something about the station "reverting back" to the EA. I seem to remember this, but I know my memory is sometimes bad -- well I have a vague recollection that my memory is bad, but I can't be sure.

          Maybe the script lady can produce the actual lines.
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