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Do soul hunters like soldering?

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  • Do soul hunters like soldering?

    This is a picture from season 1, episode 2: "Soul Hunter." It shows the device that the soul hunter used to drain Delenn's blood.

    This, however, is a solder removal tool sold by Biltema.

    The likeness is uncanny.

    It could very well be that the soul hunters enjoy soldering in their free time, what little they have of it, what with all that running around, stealing souls business.

    Or it could be a multi-purpose tool. Kinda like those Swiss Army cheeseknives that have everything from nailclippers to a vacuum cleaner, just that this particular tool functions both as a blood drainer AND as a solder remover.

    Bloody neat thing, if you ask me.

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    A little known fact is that Minbari's internal body temperature is higher than that of humans, around 100 ║.
    100 ║C that is.
    Thus their blood freezes at regular temperatures, closing their wounds without the need for clotting agents.
    The Soul Hunter, well aware of this, used the soldering removal tool to keep Delenn's blood liquid and bleed her at his leisure.
    He of course had that in his toolkit because he used soldering to seal the soul globes, and sometime in his wandering around the Galaxy he'd forget to get a new supply of soul-capturing globes, in one such occasion he found the solder removal tool and used it to re-open his collected globes and capture an additional soul inside.
    He started this by cramming a fresh soul into the globe of an old one that had gone crazy, thinking that if the funky soul brother escaped it wouldn't be much loss.
    He however found not only that the crazy soul didn't escape, it became sane again once it had a chatting partner in the fresh soul.
    (This fact escaped the Soul Hunter of River of Souls, thus those souls went crazy from isolation, but that's another story).

    So this Soul Hunter filled his globes with at least two souls each, and never left home without his soldering tools.
    The unfortunate consequence was that since the souls had someone within their globes to talk to they stopped chatting with the Soul Hunter, and thus it was him who started to become crazy from isolation, this in the end lead to his attempt at murdering Delenn, once other happennings made him go completely mad.

    Such... is the respect paid to science that the most absurd opinions may become current, provided they are expressed in language, the sound of which recalls some well-known scientific phrase
    James Clerk Maxwell (1831-79)


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      The real problem is that, When Zathras tried to tell the Soul Hunters "This is Wrong Tool", they didn't listen.

      Nobody ever listen to poor Zathras.


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        Hrm, I can see I've been away from here for far too long.... You boys are silly. Very funny. And silly.



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          Zo, I zays to zis Amy perzon, Amy, Vere haz you been?

          Zathras very curious. Zathras also very Nozy.
          Is only fun Zathras have zome dayz.