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Legend of the Rangers (the 2nd viewing)

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    I share your fate.

    But in MY case it's because it never aired here
    I'm being in the disadvantage of either not being able to see many things that all or with one to three years delay while being all curious about it.
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      Legend of the Rangers on DVD??

      So im new here..and well im curious if anyone has any idea about the potential release or reason against the release of Legend of the Rangers. Why was it not on the dvd movie box set. Its now the only B5 program not to be released...just curious how or why...any comments...remember new here...


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        Well, I think that the likely reason that LotR was not included in the movie box set is because it did not center on any of the major characters from the title series. LotR, being s stand-alone project, deserves to be published on its own. It also will help to distinguish itself from the rest of the shows.
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