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David Sheridan in season 3

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  • David Sheridan in season 3

    Ok this thing bothers me for some time now...if you have season 3 dvd box set (or have a very good memory),you would notice that in the begining of the episode Interludes And Examinations,there are credits of the names who playing as guest stars on that epiosde like in every episode...BUT in this episode there is a credit for David Shariden who plays by Rance Howard.

    First of all,we dont get to see David Sharidan in that episode (well we dont get to see him at all in the B5 story),so if we dont see David how can we see that actor? and if he is not there how come his credit apear?

    Does anyone have a link of a picture of that actor?
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    David Sheridan is Sheridan's father.

    But in the instance that you see him in Interludes and Examinations, David Sheridan is how Kosh shows himself to Sheridan.

    This happens while the Shadows are attacking and killing Kosh. Sheridan's father appears to him in a dream, telling John something like "it's not your fault."


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      Damn,youre right,never knew John's father name was he probably called his son after his father...hehe,after so many years im still getting new angels on this amazing story.
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        Yeah, I din't realize his dad's name was DAvid, either. Until I saw your post, and immediately it hit me. Course, I had to go and reference it to make sure I was right.


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          I've learned something new today
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