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    As I'm past the halfway point of Season 3 with C&T, I know that "Z Minus ## Days" messages will appear before too long.

    I wonder, does the Z minus refer to the beginning of "Z'ha'dum"? Or does it refer to the exact moment in that episode when the bombs explode?

    Did JMS ever precisely explain what "Z Minus" refers to?

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    I don't see anything definitive but I just ran a script search and I honestly don't remember seeing a couple of these:

    --------------BABYLON 5
    "And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place"
    FADE IN:
    with the following in white letters: Z MINUS 17 DAYS.

    And also in 'And the Rock...'
    On which we superimpose Z MINUS 13 DAYS.

    He did note:

    The use of a separate card counting down Z MINUS a given number of

    days as a recurring motif was designed to play into this military feel, just as
    Allied forces counted down to D-Day. I also knew that it would catch
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      Originally posted by Jan View Post
      I don't see anything definitive...
      OK. Thanks for checking.


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        Z minus

        A bit more infos on this topic.

        "Z" from "Zero"
        "Z-day" "Z-time": exact day or exact time of a military event.
        (In WW I "Z-day" was used, when in WW II "D-day")

        Search on the website for: Time of the Attack
        And read on.

        Lurkers Guide says:

        It seems likely that the "Z Minus..." times refer to Z'ha'dum, but they might also refer to a more specific "Zero Hour." The question remains, what happens at Z? A Shadow offensive? An offensive against Z'ha'dum? Someone's arrival on or from Z'ha'dum?"

        FYI: "Minus Z" is much sweeter then "Z Minus"


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          Originally posted by B5-Stefan View Post
          A bit more infos on this topic.

          "Z" from "Zero"
          "Z-day" "Z-time": exact day or exact time of a military event.
          (In WW I "Z-day" was used, when in WW II "D-day")
          Based on this, I would say it's likely that Z refers to a specific day as opposed to a specific time.

          And according to this JMS approved Chronological viewing order, Z day is "Sunday December 21st when Sheridan leaves for Z'ha'dum."
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