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Getting the Emmy for the pilot

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  • Getting the Emmy for the pilot

    Since a lot of folk don’t visit facebook (with good reason I might add), thought I’d copy and paste this one over here as well.

    Way back in 1994, Ron Thornton and Paul Bryant received an emmy award for the ground breaking (and game changing) visual FX for the Babylon 5 pilot movie. Sadly, in the 1997 re-edited version of the pilot, a fair chunk of that was removed and replaced with scenes from the tv series, so many fans haven’t seen all the FX which won the award.

    At the same ceremony the developers of Lightwave, Alan Hastings and Stuart Ferguson, also received Emmy awards for, well, Lightwave. Even then folks were clocking on to how all of this was going to revolutionise the visual FX industry. At the same ceremony was George Lucas and he was fair impressed. . . . . So now you know who to blame. : )

    As part of his interview Perry Kivolowitch – another software developer who would later receive an Academy Award for his Morphing software (which was one of the things he provided for the B5 pilot) sent over this photograph which was taken that evening. Apparently it’s the only one in existence commemorating either event, as Perry was the only one there who thought to bring a camera. . . . What a bunch. : )

    Standing at the back from left to right is Paul’s wife (Liz), Stuart Ferguson, Alan Hastings, Paul Bryant and Perry Kivolowitch. Seated is Ron’s then wife (Karen), Ron Thornton and some guy who followed them there and his wife. . . I’m joking of course, and it’s Joe Straczynski and Kathryn Drennan. Ron once told me an interesting story about that evening . . . . but that one has to remain off the record. : )

    What’s very much not off the record is the interview with the Academy of Motion Pictures award winning Perry Kivolowitch, which is part of the partially uploaded, partially updated B5Scrolls. . . Here’s a couple or three extracts from it.


    “Few people give the Amiga its due as the once leading edge of the Desktop Publishing, Multimedia and Desktop Video revolutions. At a time when Apple was black and white and went boop, the PC was green and black and went beep. The Amiga had 4096 colors, polyphonic sound and a true preemptive multitasking operating system. Apple didn't get that last part until OS X.”


    “Though saying that I did physically work on the pilot, creating the morphing shots for the shape shifter on an Amiga sitting in the bedroom of the previously mentioned brand new baby. Her crib was next to the tiny desk where I worked. She slept through the whole thing. But after that, though our companies worked together closely, actually touching footage didn't happen again.”


    “Foundation Imaging deserves a NATAS or VES special award for their place at the foundation of digital visual effects. The tools and techniques we developed were foundational in the field. Can I repeat foundation and foundational any more. :-) Certainly, I helped but Ron and Paul and FI as a group were the genesis. It was their pioneering vision that launched the second wave of digital visual effects. I was proud of the work we did and appreciative of the opportunity to have been associated with Paul and Ron.”
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