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How Does B5 Tie Into This Song/Video?

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  • How Does B5 Tie Into This Song/Video?

    I was randomly checking out a few music videos of songs from the 70"s and 80's and came across this video:

    Just for fun.I made this using Windows Movie Maker, this is to let others see what can be done with free programs and this is my first attempt at such a proj...

    At about 1 minute and 14 seconds in the video you see John Sheridan. Anyone care to speculate how Sheridan ties into this song?

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    Bruce. : )


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      Yeah I knew about the "Bruce" part (lol).

      I was looking at the John Sheridan character and the title of the song, because they used a clip from Babylon 5.


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        Someone should have done their research - I did. I thought I remembered hearing of this issue before so I went back and checked. While it is great to see Captain John Sheridan (BRUCE Boxleitner) in the video it seems out of place since the lyric isn't "Bruce" it is "groos". I guess I can't fault them since there is also a video with the lyrics written out that has the word as "Bruce", but even the song's wiki page has a section on this "Misheard lyric".
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