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  • How About Return Of The Shadows

    Sheridan like king arthur, will come back when needed. How about the Shadows (and maybe the Vorlons)and Sheridan returning as allies, against a threat to the whole galaxy. Everybody puts their differences aside to fight for the galxy.Roll in some of the other characters, maybe a little older. Might make a good series or one off film?

    Wishful thinking I guess; I think I'm just looking for a story arc that can relicate the grand design of B5 whilst still maintaining some familiarity and characters.

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    This has already been answered, on-screen.

    "Can I come back?" - Sheridan
    "No." - Lorien.
    "Jan Schroeder is insane" - J. Michael Straczynski, March 2008

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      Sheridan like king arthur, will come back when needed.
      No, he won't. See Star's reply above.

      And the Shadows ain't comin' back, either. The whole point of "SiL" (and B5) is that certain things were dones once and for all, and nothing can undo them. ("Deconstruction" makes the same point in a different way, and can be seen as a companion piece to "SiL")

      B5 was a five year story and it is over - as it was meant to be. There may still be stories to be told in the B5 universe, but there is never going to be a "Return of Sheridan" or any of the First Ones.


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        Bringing back Sheridan and/or the Shadows would (IMO) cheapen the story.

        Of course there could be more stories involving Sheridan, as long as they took place before the events of "Sleeping in Light".

        I for one am happy with the closure brought about by SiL.


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          The only way JMS deals with Shadows now is either doing a story on the previous shadow war, of course following Valen.

          Or offhand with leftover Shadow tech. See: Crusade (both Drahk and Earthforce).

          As a writer, to do a story that involves certain characters (ex: Sheridan) just to make your fans happy, seriously ties your hands as to what you can do. You are already down to being one side away from trapped in a box.


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            Originally posted by vorpalchipmunk
            The only way JMS deals with Shadows now is either doing a story on the previous shadow war, of course following Valen.
            This will never happen!
            Probably too expensive, and can you imagine a show with NO HUMANS? (Except maybe Catherine Sakai)

            Or offhand with leftover Shadow tech. See: Crusade (both Drahk and Earthforce).
            I agree that that's quite possible. There should be a lot of leftover shadowtech out there. Speaking of which: I can recommend reading the unaired Crusade scripts...

            My guess for a movie/new series/miniseries would be the telepath war or why not continue the B5LR story, with an enemy that "makes the shadows look like [aaahhmmmm, what? Insects]"?

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              Originally posted by samuelk
              Bringing back Sheridan and/or the Shadows would (IMO) cheapen the story.

              Yeah. Just look at dozens of examples in the Star Trek world about how it is better to leave some stories alone. Take the Borg - absolutely the best villians you ever saw in that universe until they kept going back and wimping them down. If they would have just left the Borg with "Best of Both Worlds Part 2" they would have been MUCH better off.

              I think that making this same mistake with the Shadows would only happen over Joe's dead body. I can not imagine him ever allowing it.
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                WE must be patient! JMS will do a quality story, for sure. Otherwise, he won't do it
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                  How about Legend of Crusade?

                  Since we're wishfully thinking...

                  I really would like to see Crusade develop as intended and hinted in those unproduced scripts mentioned... and Galen was a great character too, without that gig you have Peter Woodward risking his life and limb in the pursuit of an elusive "Conquest"

                  I agree that bringing back people/races just to try to keep things similar or the same would cheapen the story and tie it up into people's expectations too much.

                  And remember what Sheridan said to all the First Ones:
                  Now get the hell out of our galaxy!
                  It would be too embarrasing for him to grovel before them: "we weren't so ready as I thought... now please get back into our galaxy and help us?"

                  We'll see what happens.
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                    Food for thought

                    Interesting, wasn't it ? How the Vorlons and esp. the Shadows kowtowed to Lorien before passing beyond the rim. "Are you going with us?", reminded me of little children asking Dad or Mom something in reverence. Now, I wonder if it's possible that some other race is nearly as old as Loriens and they were non-conformist by nature.

                    (PS- was THAT o.k, Jan ?)
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                      Maybe that's what The Hand/3rdSpace aliens are?
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                        B5 could explore the world of Garibaldi and how he helps Delenn through the years!
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                          For me the Shadows were the best thing in B5. But to be more accurate, the shadow 'ships' were the most unique and mysterious of all.

                          You would not need to bring back the Shadows. As said earlier there should be plenty of Shadow tech left over, but more importantly, plenty of shadow 'ships' left over. ( as we know they were stashed on hundreds of worlds, and they had already begun stashing them again after their encounters with Sherridens forces eg. the base on Centauri Prime )

                          Hybrid ships are ok but nothing compares to a Shadow battlecrab. Since we know that many species can be plugged into the ships to bring them alive, it stands to reason that another aggressive race could start collecting up battlecrabs and building their own fleet. The most obvious would be the Drakh or the Strieb.

                          The other little forgotten Shadow ally was the one that wiped out entire colonies by possesing its victims and travelled to B5 inside a woman in cryo stasis.( the episode with Dwight Schultz ) We never saw or heard of this species again but they were clearly described in the book of G'quan.

                          The other option is the first ones that left for the rim thousands of years ago. As we know only a few of them stayed behind ( shadows, vorlons etc). Imagine what all the other ones that we have never seen before would be like. If they've been beyond the rim for thousands of years who knows what they've learnt that even Lorien would not know. ( remember, just because Sherriden could never return, doesn't mean that other first ones never can )