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    Originally posted by Looney View Post
    So C has never seen Tron (1982) . . . or Problem Child (1990). Jurasik is great as the rival to John Ritter in Problem Child (1990).
    Regarding "Tron", as I've mentioned C is not a science fiction fan. And even I have never seen "Problem Child".


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      The only other work I remember seeing Peter Jurasik perform in before Babylon 5 was "Hill Street Blues."

      I didn't watch a lot of movies or TV from October 1976 to September 1982, so I missed "Tron." I was in the Navy during that time.


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        So now is the time to get caught up on what you missed. The only problem with Tron is Jurasik isn't in it enough.

        And I should stipulate, Problem Child (1990) is not a high quality film. It is a family comedy about raucous kid and his adoptive father. Again Jurasik isn't in the film enough, but he is great when he is in it. By "great" I mean he does a really good job with the part he was hired to play, but the Academy was probably justified in not checking out his performance for the 1990 Oscars presentation.
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          After five months of inactivity at SF Debris, there are suddenly five new B5 reviews. With this update, the first season reviews are now complete.

          Good commentary and humor as always!

          November 5, 2018: Grail

          November 6, 2018: Believers

          November 7, 2018: Eyes

          November 8, 2018: Legacies

          November 9, 2018: Points of Departure


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            The opinionated reviewer at SF Debris is continuing to review Season 2 of Babylon 5. The following reviews were all posted in the last week:


            Geometry of Shadows

            A Distant Star
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              The opinionated reviewer at SF Debris has been busy. While I wasn't looking he posted three new reviews:

              The Long Dark (Posted May 13, 2019)

              Spider In The Web (Posted May 14, 2019)

              A Race Through Dark Places (Posted May 15, 2019)