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"first eBook edition" of Day of the Dead by Neal Gaiman?

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  • "first eBook edition" of Day of the Dead by Neal Gaiman?

    by J. Michael Straczynski
    long time ago I decided that as a writer, one of my goals was to write faster than anyone who was better than me, and better than anyone who was faster than me. So you will understand why Neil Gaiman bugs the hell out of me. Bad enough he is prolific, writing his own TV series, features, comics, novels . . . worse still that he does this while remaining one of the most genuinely nice guys I’ve ever met . . . but sheer volume aside he is also one of the finest writers working in the field of . . . well, whatever it happens to be today. Essays, TV scripts, short stories, novels, comic scripts. . . . Did I mention he bugs the hell out of me?
    Day of the Dead
    Neil Gaiman | DreamHaven Books

    Neil Gaiman’s original script for an episode of Babylon 5! This script contains unfilmed scenes, scenes that were filmed and cut, as well as full annotations from Neil and an introduction by J. Michael Straczynski! Originally published in 1998, this is the first eBook edition of this long out of print and collectible book!
    It seems to be part of the eight dollar bundle.
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    Originally posted by Babel-17 View Post
    It is, indeed. I got the big bundle, for the sheer amount of good stuff included.I do have a signed and personalized version of the Day of the Dead script, however.

    Often the Humble Bundle is very good value fro money, but this one is better than most, IMHO.
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