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Fun Tidbit from David Gerrold

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  • Fun Tidbit from David Gerrold

    I was at Baycon this weekend where he was guest of honor. He made one mention about Babylon 5 on the panel I was on with him. It went a little like this:

    He said Joe is a great producer, fantastic to work with. He knew Joe is really writer friendly and wouldn't take anything out unduly like so many others he worked with.

    So he wrote one line into his script to see if he would catch it, which when the parents were talking to the kid about the sickness he put in a line along the lines of "We thought about eating you, but there wouldn't have been enough of you to go around."

    And of course, Joe told him to take that line out.
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    Wow, a NEW B5 story! Thanks! Almost sure that one's not in his intro in the script book.
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      Now I need to go flip through the original script to see if I can find that line. I wonder if the reference to "food animals" being cut open in the episode as-broadcast might have been related to that concept.


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        Any mention of the Chtorr series? He's a great guy, he once answered some of my online questions, and IIRC even answered an email.