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Vorlons are AIs?

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  • Vorlons are AIs?

    I found this on tv tropes B5 page.

    The Vorlon biosuits are actually host to AI Vorlons who reproduce by Brain Uploading.
    When they leave their encounter suits they exist as an Energy Being... briefly. Then all that energy burns off and they die. In "Falling Toward Apotheosis," the two Vorlons were fighting to occupy the same encounter suit (Kosh 2's suit). The first to burn out would die, and the survivor would return to his own encounter suit before he, too, died. In that episode, however, they both killed each other, so we weren't able to see any of this. Instead we were left with the impression of just another god-like Energy Being.

    Talia knew Susan was a Latent Telepath.Think of all the Les Yay between them, with even Word of God stating they got to be more than just friends. Now, remember Talia in the first season telling Commander Sinclair about what it's like when two …

    Is any of this canon?

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    Originally posted by Delenn_of_Mir View Post
    Is any of this canon?
    Nope. Complete and utter bull.
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      Originally posted by Jan View Post
      Nope. Complete and utter bull.

      Awe, too bad! Vorlon's being AI's would have been really cool.


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        I haven't read the B5 WMG (wild mass guessing), but it's unlikely that you'll find anything there that's canon since the show is older than the site. The canon parts I've seen elsewhere have been perdictions that turned out to be true.
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          i still think it would have been really cool.

          Of course, in order for the gathering poisoning scene to work, the poison would have to have been a computer virus, so then Dr. Kyle would have found out what they were way back then, plus the Minbari would have to know as well.

          So it doesn't work with the show as-is, prolly.

          But it still would have been super cool!!!