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  • If you were a latent telepath

    If you were a latent telepath and Psi Corp found you, after you have grown up in a real family and had a normal life, what would you choose?

    Would you take the sleepers so you could stay with your family?

    Would you be like, "Yesssss, I can finally join Psi Corp," and join Psicorp?

    Would you choose to go to prison because there are some hot hot lesbians and gay men in there and you are a hot lesbian or gay man?

    Or would you choose to run, hook up with the underground, and fight?

    I would either join Psi Corp or run and fight with the underground, they both sound fun. Although a prison full of hot lesbians would be super tempting!!!!! "giggles muchly"

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    Here's the thing, from my readin gof the psi corps trilogy if you go to prison they still give youo the sleepers. PRison might be a lot less fun than you think without your powers.

    I'm open to reinterpretation on this.

    As to joining the corps? post telepath war, possibly, the corps as it was in the period of B5?? Hell no.
    "There are no good wars. War is always the worst possible way to resolve differences. It degenerates and corrupts both sides to ever more sordid levels of existence, in their need to gain an advantage over the enemy. Those actively involved in combat are almost always damaged goods for the rest of their lives. If their bodies don't bear scars, their minds do, ofttimes both. Many have said it before, but it can't be said to enough, war is hell. "


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      I think one of the key factors in this scenario is the "after you have grown up in a real family" because I think it changes everything if you're already an adult. In this instance I think it would depend on your level of Psi capability. If you were a P5 the Corps is probably a pretty good job and I don't think there would be a rule that you couldn't see your family ever - definitely limited exposure, but I don't think it meant forever. Of course it is really late on Saturday night and I may not be thinking clearly so my memory could be way off, but I don't think the Corps cuts you off from your family completely; other than taking you away from them in childhood. I don't recall that meaning you could never see your family again; just that they were no longer in charge of raising you. So if I were an adult and a P5 I would probably join the Corps until I found out the real agenda.

      Either way Sleepers or Sleepers in prison would not be the answer. Also the Corps would definitely be out if I were higher than a P5, but of course I wouldn't know that going into the Corps. If I knew everything going in I wold go on the run.

      Actually if you didn't have to take Sleepers in prison that would be an awesome way to make an army of super powerfully trained Telepaths who hated the Corps. You would be in prison so you would probably spend most of your day with other Telepaths trying to make yourselves better in hopes of using those powers to escape. I guess that is why they would make them take the Sleepers.

      Fun scenario Delenn_of_Mir.
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        That's a good point, I hadn't considered, about being drugged in prison. Hmm, maybe I'd get a job working in the prison dispensary, and then I'd sneakily give some of the teeps fake shots, and be the leader of a secret group of telepaths who still had their abilities, and then when the time was right we'd break out and go kick some mundane Butt! Or maybe I could have convinced them to help Sheridan in the war, in exchange for freedom and new identities, afterwards.

        I would definitely have helped them find their own planet, no matter what my abilities were.


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          Originally posted by Delenn_of_Mir View Post
          I would definitely have helped them find their own planet, no matter what my abilities were.
          You know getting their own planet was always an interesting idea for me, but I don't think they realized what that would really mean. Yes ideally they would have gotten what they wanted, but the reality, especially in the B5 Universe, would have likely not been ideal. Getting their own planet would have likely meant they would have been a huge target, unless the Alliance offered full and constant protection. Just think of how many races hated, feared, and wanted to exploit them. One of those races or even the Psi Corps would have immediately conquered or tried to destroy such a planet unless the Alliance was offering it constant protection. They might have had some ships to protect themselves, but it likely would not have been enough to stop a fleet without immediate Alliance intervention. It is an interesting plot offshoot to think about.
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            Getting their own planet is inherently a nationalist, segregationist project. It sounds great until you realize what most societies that pursue such values end up like - which is why Byron's vision is ultimately not that different from Bester's, even if his methods are different.

            That's one of the things I liked about Crusade: the idea that the Telepath War wasn't a "race" war, and that the only really feasible solution is through equality, not segregation.
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              Originally posted by Jonas View Post
              Getting their own planet is inherently a nationalist, segregationist project.
              I always thought it was a dumb idea. Did those overly-civilized teeps have any idea how hard it is to tame a planet? Or were they expecting to be handed something with predators all tamed, terra-forming all done and infrastructure already built? C'mon, while I never disliked him the way many did, can you picture Byron felling a tree or building a cabin? I can't!

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                Originally posted by Jan View Post
                can you picture Byron felling a tree or building a cabin? I can't!

                HAHAHAHA ! ! ! ! Awesome.

                You know there is a question I always forget to ask; were we meant to dislike Byron? I mean I dislike Byron, but I hope it is because JMS meant for me to dislike him. I don't think anyone can argue that these Teeps had reasons to want what they wanted, but that doesn't mean they should get or deserved to get what they wanted.
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                  Telepaths are people, too! So you would have many different kinds of people with different interests and abilities. Just cos you happen to be able to read minds doesn't mean you can't also be a wildman who loves hunting and chopping down trees.

                  I do agree that Byron, himself, was too much of a sissy fussbudget to do any manual labor, but on the darker side they could always use their power to enslave an alien race and make them do all the work for them.

                  Of course, if we're going down that route they could always just take over a planet that's already inhabited. I don't see any reason why Bester couldn't have had his own psionic army that were just as good or better than the normie armies.

                  I was always disappointed at how little we really got to see them use their powers. Of course I've designed my own universe where telepaths are much more powerful and do, do stuff like that, so I'm kind of basing this stuff on what I did with the ideas, not what Joe wanted to do with it. "giggles"

                  I never hated Byron. He wasn't my fav character, but I think with a different actor, and a little bit of tweaking he could have been awesome!