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    Greetings All,

    When I designed and built our basement several years ago, the design circled around having a large screen television and complete home theatre system. Now I obviously had visions of watching things like Babylon 5, Star Wars, etc. on my now 60 inch screen with complete surround sound.

    Well my life has taken another interesting turn with the purchase of 80 acres of vacant rural property. The closing date on this piece of property is the end of May, 2015. Once again I have plans to build a nice house out there. Yet today, while picking my daughters up from school I had a really crazy idea.

    I had a vision of designing a monster size outdoor screen, likely the size of an old style Drive Inn or bigger. Then have an audio/visual room built which will house the sound and visual equipment. Various outdoor speakers will be strategically placed for the 5.1 surround.

    Call me crazy, but I think it would be so cool to watch things like Babylon 5 on a monster size screen and sound system under the stars at night. Any thoughts?

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    First thought is where do you live and does the climate support what you want to do. I think it sounds like a great idea but where I live you would have moss growing on that screen.


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      Good thinking about the moss. I live in Northern Ontario, Canada and we have that here in the wooded areas as well. I would have to develop some kind of covering for the screen when it is not in use.

      I was searching today of what a projection system would cost for such a large screen and came across this interesting article about IMAX Home Theatre which could be an option (very expensive though).

      IMAX announces 4K home theatre system with IMAX projection and sound technology, or spend $2M and up for the IMAX Private Theatre



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        Wouldn't B5 look terrible projected at that kind of size? Or am I thinking of this wrong, a la large hi-def TVs?
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          I saw just a taste of B5 on a large screen when JMS gave a sneak peek of the opening sequence of the Lost Tales at NYCC back in the day. But to be honest, I'm not sure I'd be interested in anything large enough to be projected Drive-In sized. But then, I'm so easily drawn in to what's in front of me that I literally have to be sure to not allow movies to fill my entire field of vision or I get sort of hypnotized - to the point where I have physical sensations if a character gets injured. Not my idea of fun, even if it's not actual pain.

          Yeah...I'm weird...
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            Originally posted by Jan View Post
            Yeah...I'm weird...
            Aren't we all.

            I wonder what you would feel like if wearing VR like Oculus Rift.
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              I watch babylon 5 on a roughly 96" screen from about 8 feet away, the cgi looks a bit ropey but otherwise it is fine.
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                Yeah it's a very valid point about B5 looking grainier as the picture size increases. I also noticed it when I went from my 30 inch to my 60 inch screen. Never really took that into consideration when thinking about a screen that could be a potential 60 footer.

                I guess I'm too anxious to see B5 on a large screen like Severed Dreams, End Game, etc.


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                  I use an NEC projector and a 120" screen.
                  A story as big as B5 needs a really big screen


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                    How does B5 look on such a huge screen? I would be very interested in knowing whether a projector would make a difference in comparison to a regular large size television.


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                      Originally posted by Truth66 View Post
                      How does B5 look on such a huge screen? I would be very interested in knowing whether a projector would make a difference in comparison to a regular large size television.
                      Looks great.

                      It does a good job scaling up the standard resolution but the picture elements (pixels) can still be seen more so than on an lcd screen - but you wouldn't want to sit that close to the screen.

                      Blu-ray movies are really nice.

                      Seems so simple but it's true.. a really big picture = a theater experience.


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                        It is a different experience; your eyes have to track when there's motion from one side to the other. It's set in a different space.

                        There are advantages to the space of smaller screens as well. People enjoy the intimacy of tablets and phones being held close to their eyes.

                        I generally enjoy the Third Space*. I have a nice 32" HDTV/PC monitor and it offers a nice balance.

                        *Could not resist.