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Which of the books would make a good tv movie?

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  • spacehermit
    I haven't read any B5 books since To Dream in the City of Sorrows, how many are there now?

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  • Dr Maturin
    Passing of the Techno-mages. Peter Woodward...fighting...magic...Drakh...Z'ha'dum...h ell yeah.

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  • AmyG
    Easy. The three trilogies (I like the Centauri one best), and "To Dream in the City of Sorrows." The trilogies would each have to be a long miniseries.


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  • Which of the books would make a good tv movie?

    I don't read tie in books, I have tonnes of dvds and videos to watch, books to read and lots creative dibs and dabs on the go. (not to mention an active social life....ok that was a lie folks) I quite like the comics but I still want my B5 to be an audio, visual experience. Ive heard alot of good about some of the spin off B5 books though and was wondering, which are best, which are the most in keeping with the feel of the show and which would you recommend be filmed should the magic fairy of fundingland drop a huge pile of cash at WB's and JMS?