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    I'm not a model builder but this could be really great news for those who are. Message from Triple F of the B5 Scrolls site:

    Originally posted by B5-Some behind the scenes stuff
    IMPORTANT. This is more for all the model builders in the house.

    BTW. If you can ask this on any discussion forums, facebook groups, blogs and what not that your a member of that would be cool. The web is a big place and I can’t do it.

    A long time ago when first putting B5Scrolls together I spoke with some folks who kitbashed and scratch built physical models….. One of the things many of them asked was if I could get my hands on orthographic views of the some of the original 3D models….. Well, it’s only took 6 years. : )

    As part of the next update to B5Scrolls (seems there’s going to be one after all), I’m going to add a section that will include large images which will hold views of a handful of the designs…. Might even include some texture map images suitable for decals, or helpful with painting.

    This should help you create super accurate miniatures (or 3D models if that’s your bag) of some of the ships seen in the show……. BUT. Here’s what I need to know from you. What ships do want to see AND what views will you find most helpful (I’m assuming a set of orthos, top, bottom, side, front and rear). Would occlusion renders be better or ones with the models fully textured – I’m thinking large occlusion renders with perhaps smaller textured examples as part of the set….. But what do you think.

    So guys. I’ll put the time in to organise this, but some feedback on your preferences would help…. Either comment below or message me on here. This is a one off, so may as well try and provide the reference material most useful…….. So spread the word and discuss this with your friends or fellow model builders so I can put the most useful set of material together for you…….

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    If you can help spread the word on any sites where you know modelers hang out, that would be nice.

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