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    We've never had it so good.

    We are quite lucky all of a sudden.
    George, using assorted British studios for Episode 3 pick ups.
    Doctor Who being made in Wales.
    And now B5.
    All it takes now is for Blake's 7 to come back and it would be like that 1970's British Sci Fi golden age all over again. Talking of the Seventies, It's a real shame to hear about Chris Reeve.
    JMS has a tough act on if he is to try and capture the fun and wonder of films like Superman and the original Star Wars yet whilst maintaing the attention to character and story telling we have come to expect from B5.
    I have the wings for Bingo.


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      Faith manages
      Where were you when my destiny was writen among the stars. No you can burn with the rest of them, burn with Centari prime ... NO ... Noooo ... I was to be a god you see, a god Emperor Cartagia