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  • BFI Poll - greatest SF character

    B5 made a pretty good showing, if not wonderful.

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    Originally posted by Jan View Post

    B5 made a pretty good showing, if not wonderful.

    I took a quick look at the list. 8 in the top 100 is an excellent showing.
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      I am very happy & impressed to see my all-time favorite fictional character at #6.

      But, why is Delenn in there twice? She's at 35 as just "Delenn" and at 73 as "Ambassador Delenn."

      Including that duplication, I counted 10 Babylon 5 entries. It makes me wonder if one of those is a typo. Maybe one of those Delenn entries is supposed to be someone else from B5 (maybe Vir, Kosh, Dr. Franklin, or Lennier), keeping the count at 10, or someone from a different show or movie altogether.


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        Maybe people thought the pre Chrysalis Delenn was a different character than the post Chrysalis Delenn? She was still an Ambassador, though.

        I could just see someone looking at head shots and assuming they were two different people.

        And believing all Vorlons are Kosh.
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