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The day I actually met "Bester"

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  • The day I actually met "Bester"

    On July 21, 2014, I was taking my wife to Toronto, Ontario, Canada from our home city of Thunder Bay, Ontario. I was partially upset because I had completely forgotten about Fan Con that had happened in town over the past weekend.

    As my wife and I were beginning the process of boarding the plane, this slow walking man in front of looked somewhat familiar. He presented his boarding pass and walked forward. I told my wife who I thought it was. After we checked in and began boarding, this man was quite far ahead of us.

    Once on the plain, he walked by us and sure enough it was Walter Koenig. I looked up at him and said Hi Mr. Koenig, he looked down smiled and continued on. Here we were on the same flight going to Toronto.

    Once in Toronto, we had exited first as we were at the front of the plane. Once inside the airport I said to my wife I’m going to see if I can talk to him. Once he was in the airport he walked by us on his cell phone. Once off his phone I went up to him and introduced myself and said how happy I was to meet him. He asked me if I was going to L.A. I said no and indicated that we came on the same flight as him and that we were in Toronto so that my wife could see a specialist. He looked at my wife’s hand that was in a splint and he indicated that he hopes everything goes well.

    I told him how much I enjoyed him on Babylon 5 and that I would like to ask him one question. He acknowledged okay. I indicated, “You might know that there has been a push to get a Babylon 5 Motion Picture made. Would you be interested in reprising your role in a movie.”

    He indicated, “Yes I would be interested. I’m not sure how they would make that work after twenty years.”

    I thanked him and then asked if it was okay to have my picture taken with him. He said “sure”. I went beside him, he put his arm around me, so I put my arm around him and indicated to him, “I’m not sure how this is going to work with the hat.” I sense that he chuckled.

    Here’s a link to that photo.

    I apologize for babbling here. I just wanted to share what, for me, was a special meeting with “Bester”.

    Best Wishes Always
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    Thanks for sharing the story. I hate it when stuff like that happens to me because I never know what to say and then I regret it if I say nothing, or worse I say something. Oh celebrities I've run into know what I am talking about.
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      Thanks for sharing.

      I met Mr Koenig at Fedcon in Germany in 2012, and at Phoenix Comicon last year, but a chance meeting like that beats what I did.

      He is never shy of telling us that he likes the role of Bester better than that of Chechov, even at a Star Trek convention.
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        Awwweeeee Love Mr. Koenig's great big smile. I'm glad to know he's nice in real life and good to his fans.