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    I've joined this FB group and even offered my services as fact/continuity checker. Don't know if anything will come of it, but I'm in favor of anything that increases fan activity these days.

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    I saw that, was that a picture of the San Diego wastelands?

    I'd volunteer, but I don't have any talent. Still, I'd like to see what happens.
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      I signed on as a writer/editor. Could be tons of fun.


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        Originally posted by Triple F View Post
        Oh no. That wasn’t me looking for a new gig.

        Though there is talk about setting up a new website and forum as part of this idea to try putting a b5 fan movie together.
        Yeah, I joined the group.

        It’s amazing to see people coming together and brainstorming ideas with such enthusiasm. There’s clearly some talent in all fields trickling into that group. Congrats on getting it moving.

        A forum would be wonderful because the group is a tad chaotic and jumbled and FB isn’t the best medium for organising ideas and co-ordinating. Is there a clear ‘lead’ to the project? Because it will absolutely need a small committee of some sort to veto scripts and make things happen. That’s going to be a HARD job.

        I may pitch in. I have some experience in doing music for film and a bit of sound FX. I also dabble in the writing field and have some fairly strong ideas on what would and wouldn’t work. My general feeling is to steer well clear of established canon, and not to go too near big unseen events like The Telepath War or continuing Crusade. You could do some interesting little vignettes about the fall out from such events, but NOT the events themsevles.

        It should be stand alone, but with clear links to the B5 universe. It will need a new set of characters and its own concerns and problems to be solved. It also needs to be constructed smartly, so it’s possible to achieve on a shoestring budget. Ship or station / quarters based is good, equally outdoors would work too if good locations could be found. Many things to consider! I plan to chip in when the dust settles a bit.
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          Your right, it is a bit chaotic right now – natural enough given it’s a first time effort and folks are still joining full of ideas and enthusiasm. But the way facebook works it’s making it pretty difficult to follow things or focus on whatever areas you might be interested in or contribute to. There’s a lot of cross posting, asking the same questions, newbies putting their details on different threads, etc. Even getting onto a temporary forum where posts can be pined and even simple stuff like quoting, linking and text formatting exits will make a huge difference when it comes to getting to know each other – never mind getting a handle on all the early decisions that have to be made.

          But that idea might be on hold as someone suggested it’s not worth doing as the project doesn’t even have a name so setting up a dedicated domain can’t happen yet……… (hits head on table wondering where the idea of a temporary forum got lost. : )


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            I know it's defly chaotic over there. I was the one who made the temporary forum for it on proboards. Greg had been messaging me and said it would help, so I made it, but then it just kinda got shoved aside. But we do have one, anyway.

            Having our own domain makes sense, of course.