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Tim Choate R.I.P.

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  • Tim Choate R.I.P.

    Found over on the moderated newsgroup:

    <<Subject: Tim Choate R.I.P.
    From: "John Hudgens (Fenn)" [email protected]
    Date: 9/26/2004 10:44 PM Eastern Standard Time
    Message-id: <[email protected]>

    I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but the Babylon 5 family
    has suffered another loss - Tim Choate was killed in a motorcycle
    accident on his way to a play rehearsal Friday night...
    Unfortunately, I don't know much more than that right now, but I'll
    post more as soon as I hear it...


    Geez, three in one year. Hard to believe we'll never see Zathras again.

    I met him one time at a convention and he was very pleasant and interested in the people he was talking to. At a panel he described how he formed the B5 characters he played and it was a lot of fun.

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    Recently, there was a reckoning. It occurred on November 4, 2014 across the United States. Voters, recognizing the failures of the current leadership and fearing their unchecked abuses of power, elected another party as the new majority. This is a first step toward preventing more damage and undoing some of the damage already done. Hopefully, this is as much as will be required.


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      That's very sad to hear. My thoughts are with his family and friends.


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        A loss. RIP.
        Andrew Swallow


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          A very sad loss indeed, Rest in Peace
          There is a greater darkness than the one we fight, its is the darkness of the soul that has lost its way.


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            Words fail me. RIP


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              Much too young.

              Bye Zathras.
              "En wat als tijd de helft van echtheid was, was alles dan dubbelsnel verbaal?"


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                ... "Nine now" ...

                That's all I can bring myself to say. This is just so sad. He was far too young, and far too talented.

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                  Not again.........

                  Oh no! How terrible. Tim brought a great pefromance to what could have been a 2-D, confusing character. His scenes with Claudia especially were most enjoyable. What a terrible loss, LightStorm and I send our best wishes to his family.
                  Not the One......


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                    Zathras now talk to God. Much to say...God being the only one who ever listen to Zathras. Zathras' lot in life...good now.

                    Bless you, Tim! You will be missed.

                    We may have lost three of our family, but through the fire we struggle on...for the show must go on!

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                      Zathras did have very sad death as he predicted, but certainly there is no symmetry, for his life was a joy to so many.

                      To absent friends!
                      "That was the law, as set down by Valen. Three castes: worker, religious, warrior."


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                        Wait,isn't there 9 of them?

                        Really sad news rest in peace.
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                          I hope that, as they say, these things happen in 3's, because we've now lost 3 dear friends, and I don't think any of us could handle it if we lost any more. Farewell, Tim, and best wishes to his family and friends.


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                            That's terrible news
                            RIP big guy...

                            Probably not the best time, but who was the third person to pass away? I'd heard about Tim and Richard all right but didn't know someone else from b5 had passed away
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                              Can't remember his name right now, but the guy who played Dr. Franklin's father in GROPOS....