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  • Season 5 DVD Case?

    So I recently decided to buy a backup set of the DVDs. I was in Houston, Texas a few weeks ago and I found a Best Buy store that had Season One, Season Two, and Season Five for $14.99 each. I purchased the first two seasons, but passed on Season Five because the case was very badly banged up. The edges and corners were all worn or smashed and generally unattractive. I knew that I would be headed home soon and I could try a Best Buy store closer to my home.

    So now we cut to last Thursday. I go into a Best Buy store closer to where I live and what do I find, six Season Five box sets all in the same poor condition as the ones I found in Houston. It was ridiculous how they looked exactly the same as they did in Houston. They looked as if they had all come from the same shipping case, but were in stores nine hundred miles apart. So I passed again.

    I decided to purchase them online from a different retailer. I found a site that had Season Three, Four, Five, and The Movie Set all for $15.99 a piece with Free Shipping. They arrived today, faster than I have ever received anything from this retailer. And the Season Five set looks EXACTLY THE SAME! I can't believe that all of the Season Five sets, in the slimmer design boxes, look this bad. It is incredible.

    So does anyone have a Season Five set with the newer slimmer case that doesn't look like all of the edges are worn and the corners dinged in?

    Thankfully my original Season Five big box release is in great shape.
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    Nobody? ? ? ? ?
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      I haven't even seen *any* of the new cases at all. Sorry.

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        Thank you Jan. At least someone said something about it.
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          I haven't seen any of the newer slim case sets either, but I've been contemplating picking up a set to have as backup copies.

          Looney, aside from the season 5 debacle, how do these box sets hold up to the original big boxes? Are the discs secure from scratching or damage?


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            speaking as a poor student with little space, I can barely justify the DVD sets I do own so not seen the new ones.

            What I do know is, back in the day when I was buying the, used to shit them in a lightly padded envelope and othing else, I returned one set o season 3 4 times before asking for a refund, the old design , without adequete protection, does not stand up well to being transitted, dunno the new one though, sorry looney old chap.

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              Originally posted by JesseW View Post
              how do these box sets hold up to the original big boxes? Are the discs secure from scratching or damage?
              They are more secure, but only when compared to the old cases. They are not great. I know at least one of the Season 5 sets I looked at while in a Best Buy had a loose disc sliding around. So I would say they are better than the old cases, but still not perfect.

              I will also say that the four I purchased online from Deep Discount DVD came securely packed, but I believe that has to do with the fact that I purchased four and they were force to put them in a box. I know that purchasing them individually would mean that Deep Discount would try to get away with sending it in one of their cardboard envelopes. I absolutely would not trust that to deliver one of these slimmer sets. So if you are looking to pick up sets at their price it would probably be best to get more than one, and maybe even more than two. There is no telling what they will try to squeeze into those cheaper envelopes.
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