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  • New insight into "about the game" thread

    Hei, I'm new here.

    I've was "snooping" here and there on this forum and "The Game" thread caught my eye.

    Well, actually, building a new game or modding the existing one is a good thing when you know what are you doing... I was really impressed by the projects i saw - Homeworld to Bab5 - looks very nice (good work guys!).

    But the bad thing about the modding - u can't actually build your own game - and Bab5 deserves it's own story to be told in cyberspace.

    Having good engine, some "good with the graphics" dudes, few code wiz's and support from other projects we can accomplish this thing.

    Bab5 - The Game should be different from the space strategies we see now. It should be more like the space sim. That's what Bab5 was about - a farpost. But by the way of things it gets sucked into the turmoil.

    The game should be a sim of the Bab 5 universe - the universe you can explore or conquer. You go the way of vorlon or the way of shadows - that'll be your choise. You can build, expand and envent or you can fight till your eyes bleed.

    The most important thing - the game must recreate the wonderful world that JMS had created.

    Ahh... sigh sigh...
    Seek salvation, for the war is here... Deny nothing

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    The one problem is that, if I understand it right, no one can do *A thing* (a la londo) without WB's express consent. Given that they are doing *something* with the B5 name, they might not be so forthcoming. As for making a game for strictly personal use, I don't know how the law is on stuff like that. I personally wish someone could kick Sierra in the arse and get their game finished. I'm sure someone has the code somewhere for that!!!!


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      Well... Maybe you're right - this issue needs to be revisited

      There is always a solution.

      For now I'm talking about an idea. And I seek support.
      or constructive critics.

      By the way - you have same thing with the Homeworld2 mod - it uses symbols from WB's bab5.

      I want Babylon 5 world to be reborned. I want it to live in some way This world is worth to live in...

      Seek salvation, for the war is here... Deny nothing


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        Welcome Spirit, its always good to have new people here, especially gamers, like myself.

        A lot of what you seem to want from a B5 game was already done in the 'official' B5 flight sim game developed by Sierra. It's been discussed in a couple of other threads, but basically it was cancelled at the last minute.

        The game was basically finished, I even have a games catalogue somewhere with detailed screen shots and info. But it was not to be, and Sierra pulled the plug.

        I've also read recently that the designers got together on their own to try and get it released, but Sierra would not give up the writes to it (so they must have the licence, or something, from WB)

        No-one seems to know much more than that, but it looks like Sierra are the only ones that can do an official release.

        The great thing about game mods is that there is an increasing number of them based on an assortment of games styles, giving us probably more choice than if we had just one official one.

        Added to that are a couple of totally original games created from scratch, so it is clearly possible to do. I think you just have to be carefull how the wording is, saying things like "B5 is the property of WB etc, this game is by no way supported by them etc"

        But most importantly you cannot charge for them. Only WB or whoever holds the games licence can get money from it.

        Of course this is good for us because it means all the mods and 'homemade' games are free.

        But who knows. We never thought we would be getting a film, but we are. I'm certain that if it does well, we will see several official games releases in the future.


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          Ahh... sigh... Hope is a good thing...

          10x 4 the greeting by the way.

          It's a pitty that some good things are never relesed.

          One thing I know for sure - If you want something done - do it your self...

          Lets hope for good, but do something in the mean while
          Seek salvation, for the war is here... Deny nothing


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            Hi, all.

            As has been noted, since there is now some action in the B5 universe, Warner will likely be more mindful of licensing in the coming months. In other words, it ain't going to be cheap to get licensed to use their trademarked property in any form!

            As for making a game for strictly personal use, I don't know how the law is on stuff like that.
            When you say "personal use," that's really the whole issue. Personal use means just that: making something that you yourself use in your own home. Something like a game, obviously you'd invite other people in to play, which is fine. But when you start making copies of the game for friends - even if you're not charging them, even if it's only for your friends - that is _distribution_, and it's no longer "personal use."

            Someone making a game of this nature is obviously not just producing it for use in their own living room. So the best thing to do would be to check with the owner _before_ doing _anything_, and finding out their terms as to how, and _whether_, you may use their intellectual property.



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              Ofcourse :-)

              I think that you are right but in my opinion we should leave this issue opened...
              If some one can check this out - it'll be splendid
              Seek salvation, for the war is here... Deny nothing


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                If you're referring to me (I can't tell to whom you're replying, because you didn't backquote anything), I _am_ right. I worked in intellectual property, in publishing, for many years. Which part was it that you wanted verified? If you can be specific, I can point you to sections of US Copyright Law, if you're really interested (it's fairly dull reading).



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                  If there is ever any game let there be a Mac version too...

                  I'll say that Amy is right, that it would be illegal, but it should be mentioned that many companies tend to ignore fan produced games, or game-mods, as long as they are not for profit and their distribution is not so widespread.

                  Making such a game is a risk, you don't know if WB might decide to enforce their IP rights and send a "cease and desist" order (if you're lucky, they'll stop at that). They seem to have tolerated the game mods, but might change their minds.
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                    Hhhhh :-)

                    Believe you me I've seen worst

                    It involved some hacking and FBI guys

                    So - making use of the trade mark illegaly is not that bad... If it is for a good purpouse and the good of the whole humankind
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                      In case anyone is interested,

                      There is a stand alone freeware B5 space combat sim.
                      download it here:

                      just about any B5 mod ever made. can also be found at


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                        By the way, I like purpule better :-)
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                          let's not bring the whole GREEN vs. PURPLE debate here.

                          " Wink,wink,nudge,nudge,say no more."


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                            Ye... I think it's stupid to fight over a piece of cloth
                            (especially when it's green )
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