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B5 spaceflight gets a thumbs up

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  • B5 spaceflight gets a thumbs up

    Nice shout out for B5's spaceflight physics on this interesting BBC website article about the (mis)use of science in SF.

    Alfonso Cuaron's forthcoming film Gravity promises to rekindle the debate over how "hard" - or accurate - science fiction should be.
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    Cool article, thanks!

    "My pet peeve is inertia," says Trollope. "There are many good reasons for keeping your engines on in space, but 'maintaining speed' is not one of them. If you turn your engines off, you don't stop."

    That factoid reminds me of an old pilot joke...

    "When it take 'full-throttle to taxi to the hanger - check your landing gear"


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      Thanks for the link, GH! I'm gonna include it in my next FreeBabylon5 letter...!