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  • Dreaming of Babylon 5

    Has anyone ever had a dream involving Babylon 5?

    I just had one last night, it was a bit of an AU story almost. In my dream, instead of forgiving Garibaldi at the end of season 4, Sheridan had him executed by injection. I don't remember much but Sheridan was explain to Garibaldi and later to his Command Staff (or one or the other can't remember) why he was having him executed and how.

    I guess I really don't like Garibaldi for some reason.

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    Very interesting. How do you think this relates to your childhood? And yes I have had a dream involving B5, but it was a very, very long time ago.
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      Bwahahahaha at the executing Garibaldi dream. I was sooooooo mad at him my first time through that I would have cheered had that happen. Luckily I was able to understand and forgive him in subsequent seasons.

      I had a B5 dream too. In it Delenn and Lennier, and I think Londo and G'Kar were here on earth as ambassadors. There was a major war brewing between France and Korea and the alien ambassasors in an attempt to help had hidden a major weapon on earth.

      The weapon had been disassembled and hidden in small parts on individual train cars all over the world, and so they had to get on a train and go on a journey, connecting each train car to their train so they could put together the weapon and save earth.

      *giggles muchly*

      I also had a dream that I don't remember very well, but it involved Sheridan in the forest.