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Babylon 5 actors at Fedcon 2014

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  • Babylon 5 actors at Fedcon 2014

    The first B5 guest star has been announced for Fedcon 2014 (29. May - 1. June) in D┬│sseldorf, Germany.

    David Warner who played Aldous Gajic in the first season episode "Grail" was announced today.

    Of course, David Warner has played roles in a ton of other scifi.

    I am thinking of writing the Fedcon "contact" to propose more B5 actors for next year's con. After all, it will be the 20th anniversary of the premiere of the first season of the show.

    Would anyone care to second that, and get some proposals going. Actors that played in B5 *and* other Scifi, like Trek, would probably be easier to get there. It looks like Maggie Egan is interested to go there, too-

    I would, of course, like to see Bruce and Mira there, maybe they can be proposed in conjunction with the "Lantern City" project.

    Any ideas ?
    Jan from Denmark

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