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20th Anniversary Re-Watch - Season 4

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  • 20th Anniversary Re-Watch - Season 4

    Ready when anybody wants to post!

    "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.

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    The Hour of the Wolf

    I am not sure it would've made any difference as to when Londo had the Emperor killed. For one thing, he hadn't officially met him until this episode. And Londo had no idea until he saw the shadow ships that the Emperor made a deal with Mr. Morden. Yes, he knew that Morden had dealings with Refa but I don't think he knew about the Emperor yet.

    Sure, if he had saved G'Kar's eyes, would the future still had happened the same way? I think so. First, even if he had killed the Emperor before G'Kar's eyes were removed, he still would've had Morden killed and blew up the Shadow base. Londo had no idea that the Emperor was insane until the Shadow ships arrived.

    The only difference I think is that perhaps the friendship with G'Kar might started a little earlier.


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      Remember, it's not about whether he changes the future or not - it's about his redemption. As G'Kar says in the fifth season in the dream, "you had an obligation to speak out, even if it changed nothing."


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        I knew as soon as I saw Garibaldi in that little room that they were messing with his mind. Rather, I had a feeling that they were messing with his mind. Especially when I saw him laying in that shrink wrap table thing.

        I think they did a great job with the costume of the new Vorlon ambassador. He looks scarier and not very nice. Love the music, love Sheridan though I would say he seems even more hard nose.

        I love watching the way they took down the Vorlon ambassador. What particularly fascinated me was that Kosh helped them take down the 'bad Vorlon'. Goes to show that their are bad guys even among good guys. You know, like some humans are good and some are bad.


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          I loved the battle between the Vorlons, shadows and the alliance. Too bad there were no Earthforce ships there. But they probably couldn't take the risk. I also loved the plot with Londo and G'Kar and Londo freeing him. I jus absolutely love season 3 and especially 4!!!!

          I wonder if Earth and Mars are aware at all of the war with the Shadows and Vorlons. Something tells me they're not and if they were, they were probably fed with lies by the media. Making it sound like Babylon 5 was responsible for war and terrorists attacks.

          I don't know about Earth itself but it sounds like Clark is aware and is running scared. bwahahaha
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            Illusions of truth

            This episode is a classic example of why I don't like the news or trust the media. You don't always know when they are telling the truth and they are experts at twisting truth into lies.


            I just loved hearing Marcus singing and then hearing him sing over the ending credits!

            Looks like things are about to heat up against Earth. wohoo! Let the fun begin!

            Racing Mars

            I just loved how Susan marched in and relieved Sheridan of duty for awhile! I love their banter and friendship. IT's so enjoyable to listen to and watch. They play off each other well.

            While Sinclair wasn't too bad, I"m glad that Sheridan was brought in. He brought in a light and warmth that wasn't quite there in the first season. And did I mention how much I love his smile and white teeth? And I love his new hair style with the shaved back. Mmmmm

            Lines and communication

            Haha, love the way Sheridan barged in and started explaining his idea and not noticing that Susan wasn't exactly dressed.

            Zathras...who DOESN'T love zathras? He is such a a...funny way. Loved the conversation between him and Susan. I think it's pretty interesting that there are 10 Zathras each with a slightly different pronunciation.

            The truth is back in business! WOHOOO!

            Rumors, Bargins and lies

            Sheridan is hilarious! Seriously, that guy is insanely crazy sometimes! I loved that opening scene! I bet at some point by the time Marcus went to shoot a few rocks, everyone was thinking the Captain has gone insane. Probably look forward to Delenn coming back! Oh the looks on their faces! I can just imagine the looks on the Minbari's face when Marcus gives the order to shoot some rocks. O_o

            I think he's having way too much fun with this project of his! Especially at the end of the episode when he yells, "YES!" What makes it even more amusing is how the Ambassadors think they've wrong and tricked Sheridan when Sheridan was doing the tricking!

            I swear this episode makes me laugh!

            Crap, next episode that I don't remember the name for. I think

            Loved how Delenn ended the civil war and what she did for the Grey council. I've always felt like the Worker caste had been forgotten and ignored but no more!

            And I LOVED the ending of this episode with Sheridan saying that they were going to fight and fight back hard! I know many of you won't get this but I'm gonna say it anyway.

            Sheridan is like a future Captain Moroni, a future Gidgidonah(sp?). He is just awesome! One of my favorite Captains of all the sci-fi series I've ever seen!

            No Surrender, no retreat

            Oh my gosh! I'm just freaking out! This is one of my favorite episodes! When the first and only line in his captain's log at the beginning was, "Enough is enough"

            And I love the drums, the music, the preparations for war as Sheridan meets with the Non-aligned worlds and G-Kar's words. I do wish though that Londo said something, but that's okay he will later.

            I just LOVED THIS! This is one of the things I LOVE about Babylon 5!!!

            Looks like G'Kar is back in Green Sector again so I guess he's ambassador again??

            What was that paper that G'Kar handed Londo when he was in G'Kar's quarters? Does anyone know??

            I've also been the next few episodes, did any centauri ships join to help liberate Earth like the Narns did? I tried to look at the BAbylon 5 project wiki but I don't trust that site as a good source of info.

            Have you ever noticed that everytime Sheridan begs the enemy ship to get to the life pods, whatever species, human, centauri, whomever, the ship is destroyed?

            I loved the ending with the defecting ships and the scene between G'Kar and Londo doing a joint statement!

            I don't like Garibaldi right now so I just skim through his plot. I understand what happened to him what Bester did to him but I still don't like watching it.
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              The Face of the Enemy

              Ah, these are some of my favorite episodes! I love watching the battles to free Earth! wohooo! I love that Sheridan's old ship joined the fight. Though, I wonder how they get from one ship to the other without transporters? Do they take a starfury out or a small shuttle when they want to go board another ship? I'd like to know how it is the reporters are able to lie so easily in their reports.

              I love that they switched between Sheridan being beaten while we listen to the news reported telling lies about what is really happening to Sheridan.

              I wish that the person who played Susan came back in Season 5. It would've been interesting to see how things develop between her and Garibaldi or not at all. If Sheridan's trust in him again would be a dividing factor between him and Susan.

              Intersections in Real Time

              I don't like this episode for the simple fact that it doesn't really do anything. It's just the same thing over and over again and doesn't really move the plots along. I personally think it was just wasted episode. So I just pretty much skipped this episode.

              'sides, like I've read somewhere on here, we can do pretty much half this stuff they are doing to Sheridan in this day and age. HEck, I bet people can be brainwashed and manipulated like Garibaldi was. So, I'm sorry to say that i feel that this episode was kinda pointless. A scene or two yes to see what they are doing to him but a whole episode? No thanks.

              Between Darkness and Light

              I love this episode! Especially when the League of Non-aligned worlds were meeting where G'Kar and Londo were convincing them to help fight for the liberation of Earth! I just wanted to clap and cheer when everyone stood up after G'Kar said, "We all stand with you."

              And watching Londo and G'Kar together was just awesome!

              "Not all the ships truly defects" Yeah, didn't anybody on Sheridan's side suspect even a little bit when all these ships sent by Clark to Babylon 5 defected? Hello!

              I'm still not sure how Garibaldi got shot in the back.i

              Ahh I love the ending of this episode seeing Sheridan take command of his old ship!
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                ONe of my favorite parts of "Deconstruction of Stars" is 1000 years from 2261. The reason was because of their use of audio and light. In this scene, they didn't use any music whatsoever except for sound effects and of course the voices. And the light was turned down just right to give an illusion of a more 'primitive time' so to speak.

                Audio is considered one of the most important parts of any movie, show or commercial. Imagine watching a battle scene in space without any sounds. Yes, there is no sound in space but if you tried to watch it without sound, it would not look very good.

                However, this scene gives a classic example of using sound to give an illusion that Earth had slipped back into technology of perhaps the 1800s maybe earlier. It gives a feeling of going backward in times. Like all the noises of technology and distraction is gone. Now it is just silence as Earth slowly rebuilds itself.

                I always imagine music and the advances of technology together. At the beginning I hear silence, then a note here, a note there. Then as time passes and technology begins to advance, the music grows until involves many instruments and many notes. Now in the series, the music reached a climax and then a loud BOOM and thunder at the Great burn. Then sudden silence. And we're back to the strains of one or two notes.

                I don't know if I made any sense but that's why I love this scene so much. A perfect use of audio and light showing that Earth had gone backwards.


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                  Continuity error in a season 4 episode?

                  Has anyone noticed a continuity error in the episode "Between the Darkness and the Light" in season 4? I've watched the episode several times and never noticed it until a few days ago!

                  Just after the opening credits, we see Franklin and the resistance talking to Garibaldi. One minute, Franklin takes the hoodie off and ask why Garibaldi did what he did. At the that point the camera was face up with Franklin.

                  After the question, the camera was behind Garibaldi again but the hoodie is back on again! And is still on when he begins his explanation, the shot goes to the front of Garibaldi and the hoodie is off again.

                  I thought it was amusing to see such a glaring error there! I think the editors probably lined up the cuts incorrectly by accident because the scene with the hoodie back on looked like an exact repeat of an earlier brief scene.

                  Watch it and you'll see what i mean.


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                    When I first saw the 4th season, here in the UK on Channel 4, I did not like it because it seemed to me that nothing was happening.

                    The about 6 months later I watched it again, I had taped all the episodes so I could review them at my leisure ('Taped' is real history snapshot now, isn't it?), and I realised that season 4 moved so fast that things happened that I missed first time around.

                    It is brilliant!
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                      Originally posted by DGTWoodward View Post
                      When I first saw the 4th season on Channel 4...
                      Ah yes, they innocently advertised it as 'The Final Series' of B5! The trailers for it were epic, and finally ( ) I was able to watch a whole series from start to finish. I was hooked!

                      Although JMS was kind of cornered into doing it, the fact that he had to squeeze the end of The Shadow War and The War With Earth into the same year, for me, always made for a cram-packed, action filled, super exciting series.

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