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  • psi-corp

    been getting my nose into the B5 novels again
    just finished the psi corp books
    and I get a big feeling i missed something.
    Book takes you up to bester going to B5 fro the first time
    and book 3 deals with with bester after the 1st telepath war
    so i think we need a book 2a and 2b to cover bester's time before ,during and after thr the 1st telepath war.
    what do you look think

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    Well, during was covered in good part on the series itself. Work has been for a while that JMS is 'saving' the Telepath War for, perhaps a feature film when the time comes. Sort of the way we saw snippets of the Earth/Minbari war for a long time but it was covered in 'In The Beginning' in much more depth.

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      Untold Stories

      Yeah, even without hearing rumors it was pretty clear he was saving the Telepath War for later.

      The other untold story I hope he gets done somehow be it novel or otherwise is Crusade. We all knew the Drakh plague would be cured even before Call To Arms. But as with everything B5, it is not so much where you end up as it is how you get there.
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        that might be the upcoming project that is metioned on the lurkers guide. the novels were awsome....but what about Betser's daughter? why wasnt she mentioned, or was she made up by Bester to convince Garibaldi he was human? If that was the case, what about the son mentioned in the novel? they follow the story arc, right? i might be wrong, please tell me if i am. Thanks for your time.

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