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    Okay, which one of you started the B5 thread on the Star Citizen forums?!

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    Not me! Don't know what Star Citizen is. But I hope there are B5 fans over there, too!

    "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.


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      LOL not me, but now i have to go see what that post is.


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        There are quite a few B5 fans over there. Mainly talking about how incredible the story was and how they hope Star Citizen has a great story. It's a new game being created by Chris Roberts (creator of Wing Commander).

        I don't know if you can get to the forums if you haven't registered.
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          I can see the forums. Cool place!

          That first post made me think of something that should have occurred to me a long time ago.

          The novel Earthblood by Keith Laumer and Rosel George Brown has a back story that shows the same wisdom found in Babylon 5. The arrogant human race expanding through space until it meets a vastly older species that humbles it and crashes its empire down.

          Into that universe, many, many years later, our hero emerges.

          Still a great read imo.