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20th Anniversary Re-Watch - Season 2

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    Originally posted by JoeD80 View Post
    I think those are tied together, especially knowing the way Joe writes - it's always character first, plot later.
    Agreed; Sinclair develops in leaps-and-bounds long before we find out where he's going. Or when .

    Would anyone like to have a crack at "GROPOS"? I don't want to use up everbody's turn

    (SPOILER) I'll simply say that I'm glad Paul Winfield survived the episode. After Star Trek II, The Terminator, and The Next Generation, I was really worried he was going to get killed-off again! I'm glad he wasn't. Nice to see Steven Barnett again too, last seen in the pilot movie as Hazeltine.

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      The other night, I watched All Alone in the Night, what a truly great episode..., and Acts of Sacrifice. I recognised David Sage (the annoyed businessman from the pilot movie) as the Centauri Merchant!

      I love anything to do with the pilot movie.


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        Every time, every stinkin' time I watch "Soul Mates" and I see that guy bald guy with the eye piece inspecting an artifact, the very first word that comes to mind is, Borg drone. O_O I swear! I don't know why but that's the first thought that comes to mind when I see him!


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          In the episode "The coming of the shadows" There was a quick camera shot of the Royal Court just after the Emperor collapsed. For a brief moment, we see two mimbari and a human. Was there an indication anywhere, by jms or in script indicating who those three were? I don't think they are rangers because I don't see the badge.