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    I did a little checking, and even though I couldn't find the comment in the archive here, I did find this in the episode guide over on the Lurker's Guide. They quoted JMS there as saying...
    I have to recant my correction.
    The image as shown in the monitor was supposed to be shown *only* on the monitor, not blown up. The animators figured, it'll be too small to read the name on it, so we may as well grab a ship out of the library rather than building a new one (a sensible choice)...but when John and I got into editing, we grabbed the original video and did that close-up...and neither of us, NObody, ever even noticed the Aggy name until after it was mentioned here...and I then checked, and to my chagrin, it was there.

    But in true Soviet Revisionist fashion, you can be assured that down the road, this will mysteriously be replaced by another shot....
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      Worker, it looks like ya got it! I knew I remembered reading that somewhere.
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        Originally posted by WorkerCaste
        Might this be the one you guys were thinking of?
        No, the CGI is clearly out of synch with the script in multiple places in SD, but that is perfectly understandable given the time constraints they were under. CGI was being done to a different script than the shooting, and there was no time to recover from that. It is of the stuff that makes the endeavor so endearing.
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          I know these are not the sort of bloopers you meant, but for anyone interested :BLOOPERS