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An example of that Charlie Brown and Babylon 5 thing.

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  • An example of that Charlie Brown and Babylon 5 thing.

    jms has spoken a few times about (B5 related) projects that get presented to him every now and then, but ultimately come to nothing for various reasons. HereÆs an example of one.

    The link is to a testing system holding the short article û which will be amongst a pretty hefty update to B5Scrolls, sometime next year.

    Though that will be taken down in the next day or so. So hereÆs a link to the same thing over on the Facebook page set up for website.

    Bloody hell û and itÆs not the only example that will be highlighting.

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    at Warner freakin' Bros.. Hopeless. There is nothing that they are not capable of fumbling and ruining.
    Mac Breck (KoshN)
    Warner Brothers is Lucy.
    JMS and we fans are collectively Charlie Brown.
    Babylon 5 is the football.


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      IÆm not usually one to have a go at WB, but they really screwed things up with this one. . . . and I suspect itÆs not even the tip of a very large iceberg.