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Does Studio JMS change anything for Babylon 5?

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    Originally posted by JoeD80 View Post
    I think there was a thread awhile back discussing the B5 animated idea.
    Found it, thanks.

    Most against than with , but the idea of B5 muppets cracks me up!

    Originally posted by Spoo Junky View Post
    I wouldn't want to see an animated version of B5, to me that's like having those muppet type characters on Farscape. I tried watching that show a few times but I just couldn't get into it. I'm not against animated series in general, though.
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      Oopsadoodle on my egregious spelling B5 movie title spellings. I deeply apologize!!!!

      I was happy to see so many posts praising Tracy's performance. I thought it was quite fun, having her be Sheridan's first wife and would have loved if there would have been time to more deeply develop how her role on the other side of the Earth Civil War had affected her personally, and how it affected her relationships with B5 staff, etc. What we got between her and Garibaldi was quite good!

      I also liked Tessa Halloran muchly, and was disappointed to not see more of her. I remember wishing she would have joined the B5 staff.

      I believe I've only watched Crusade through once, so I don't remember Marjean's character at all.

      Galen was my favorite character, and he is the one I remember the most.

      And lastly, a B5 animated series would be awetastic!!!!!!


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        Animated like Pixar/Shrek quality, that would be great. Animated like Filmation (which did animated Star Trek) I'm not sure.

        I'd like to disagree with you, DaveNarn, on the Star Trek being awful. It did suffer from being reduced to a half hour format, and cheap animation and repetitive background music. I just don't think those are the most important things, but I don't think I should discuss it further here.
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          Originally posted by dregj View Post
          cleary some of the decisions on his watch were made with influence from higher ups
          i always wondered
          was it his choice to cast tracey scoggins in the lost tales
          i kinda thought she was one of the worst things about season 5
          and the they bring her back again?

          lets not forget most of marcus cole's dialogue
          and grey 17 is missing

          he very good but he has faults

          like his before watchmen scabery
          found her almost unwatchable in B5 ,absolutely amazed they decided to cast her again.i could kind of understand one horrible mistake but they put her in everything b5 after teh show finished.i suppose she must work very cheap


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            Is there a point to you replying only to yourself, dregj? We get that you don't care for Tracy Scoggins. Isn't there anything in the other 20-odd posts since you made that point that you want to respond to at all?

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