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Big B5 Rewatch on AV Club is Just Starting

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  • Big B5 Rewatch on AV Club is Just Starting

    AV Club is a major media site that is an offshoot of The Onion. Anyway, they have a huge TV section that recaps and discusses current and classic shows. They just started on B5 last week and The Gathering has generated 748 comments so far. The plan seems to be to watch 1-2 episodes per week, so this will be going on for quite a while . . .,355/

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    Well I already disagree with that overall grade; skipping the pilot is silly. Some good comments but a lot of "B5 acting am bad!"-type in there too. Think I'll pass on these particular reviews...

    eta: although the reviewer does seem to like the beginning of season 1 better (Midnight/Soul). not really JMS apparently commenting.
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      The reviewer states that he plans to be a tough grader even though he is a fan of the series. I thought his first grades made sense given his reviews. The comments will always be a mixed bag, but aren't nearly as trollish as in many places.


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        Ah I do see he says at the end of the Soul Hunter review that these grades are in comparison to other episodes in the series. I still vehemently disagree with his opinion that you won't miss much if you skip certain episodes.


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          I didn't watch the pilot until my second go-through of B5. It did fill in some references in the first season, but I honestly didn't need the pilot to enjoy the series. Episode 1 of Season 1 accomplished that. A later episode in Season 1, Believers, finalized it.
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            By the way, there's somebody impersonating JMS on the comments of those reviews. It's NOT him.

            ETA: And JMS will be having his attorneys have a stern talk with the imposter when he's found. Apparantly the guy's been around for several months.

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              Just finished actually reading the Midnight/Soul Hunter review and it was interesting. I kind of like that the reviewer watched the series when it was first on and relates some of the things discussed back then. I'd like to see more.

              And the imposter's profile and posts have been removed.

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                Well the Born to the Purple/Infection review is up. The review is a little sparse IMO. I also just can't deal anymore with the endless whining in comments about how people think this writing and that writing sucks, they would rather the show have gone in the direction they thought and how dare JMS not do that, and they think JMS can't write dialogue worth shit and yet still watched the entire five seasons for some reason...(yes i know this is par for the course from like the dawn of the internet but still)
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