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"serenity style" fund raising for jms b5 feature length

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    Originally posted by byong View Post
    with all the junk movies being made, (some good ones but a lot of junk), why not do a Babylon 5 movie. I mean, if you've got all that money to throw at junk why not throw it at a fantastic series and writer like JMS.

    I must also admit that I got into Serenity/Firefly after they were cancelled and it's a phenomenal series as well. What makes both that series and B5 is the writing foremost and the way the actors grew and interacted as well.

    I don't get on here very often but every once in awhile I get the itch and come back hoping to see that a B5 movie is in the works but alas I have to wait longer. I do believe, however, that it will happen.
    oh yeah, same here I would much rather back a TV series than a movie. Five seasons to fine tune and make a great series versus A few potentially duff movies