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As I canÆt post on jms facebook page.

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  • As I canÆt post on jms facebook page.

    I noticed thereÆs a question about the conversion of the CGI up to (widescreen) blue ray standards again, and the usual replies. ThereÆs one other thing that will be a problem that most donÆt know. So if anyone cares to mention it. : )

    ôAll the plates we got for comp was in 4:3. As you know the live action was shot "Protecting" for widescreen, so that later they could zoom in on the film and re-transfer. Trouble is the DP shot it in such a way that the grain is awful

    DonÆt need to link to where that came from but itÆs another reason why a blue ray release is unlikely, and which those who know about such things may find of interest.