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  • It's alive again!

    So I was following Joe D's advice and researching "Paramount" in the archives.

    The first hit had to do with a Paramount legal campaign to squash fan sites. JMS was able to make sure it wouldn't happen to B5 fan sites, as long as copyrights were acknowledged.

    In 1997, I made my own fan site. I knew it wasn't currently working, so I decided to check the links and just fixed it.

    Images are from my 1st gen VHS tapes, freeze framed on a VCR, and captured using a Snappy.

    Here you go....

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    As Sherridan's great Grandad would say : "Cool!"

    (Btw - not bad for Vhs)


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      Cobra Bay is your site!


      it was one of the first b5 sites i came across on the net and i used to have it on my favourites list, nice to know it`s alive again.
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        Your posting triggered something and now I finally have my own avatar... thanx...
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          Hilariously, Lucasfilm was issuing FREE web space for people to make their own fan sites. That was a few years ago. Now, you probably have to be a member of the "Hyperspace" club to get the free space.
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