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Drakh in the year 1,002,262.

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  • Drakh in the year 1,002,262.

    So one million years into the future both Humans and Minbari have evolved into energy beings, similar to the First Ones, but not the Centauri or the Narn. What about the Drakh, though? Has JMS ever given a hint about what their ultimate fate is?

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    Hi Emperor, welcome.

    As far as I know, JMS hasn't said anything about the Drakh's eventual fate. Perhaps we might have found out something in Crusade.

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      I would assume they were eventually wiped out like the Deathwalker's people. There seemed to be very few of them when Z'ha'Dum was destroyed then in A Call to Arms, I thought it was mentioned that the fleet there was almost all of the Drahk. Add in the events of the Centauri, Trilogy, you probably don't have a lot of Drahk left in the year 1 million. I also don't like the idea of the Narns and Centauri, but maybe they became the new Vorlons and Shadows.