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  • Hi all (New B5 Fan) - Spoiler Free Zone

    I think I know a few of you from the TrekBBS website, but I am a new first time watcher of B5, and currently half way though the third season of B5. Been enjoying it greatly.

    And not looking at other threads as I am sure there might be spoilers!
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    Oh, no. He found me!

    *runs away, hiding*
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      Welcome DH,

      Great forum with great people.
      Yes, I still collect Laserdiscs!!
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        Welcome, DH! Glad you found us. Yeah, there's a few of us over here from Trek BBS.

        Folks, let's declare this thread a Spoiler Free Zone for Distorted Humor, shall we?

        I think you just finished "Severed Dreams", right, DH?

        "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.


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          Londo killed Laura Palmer!!!!!

          (sorry, just started watching Twin Peaks so I'm abusing those references).

          Welcome and really hope you enjoy the show. Please stick around!
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            Originally posted by Jan View Post
            Welcome, DH! Glad you found us. Yeah, there's a few of us over here from Trek BBS.

            Folks, let's declare this thread a Spoiler Free Zone for Distorted Humor, shall we?

            I think you just finished "Severed Dreams", right, DH?

            That is correct, just finished severed dreams..

            and thanks for declaring it a spoiler free Zone..

            Also let me know if the board wants to see my "capsule reviews" as I watch though the first time, I can copy over what I posted in another forum.
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              Originally posted by Distorted Humor View Post
              Also let me know if the board wants to see my "capsule reviews" as I watch though the first time, I can copy over what I posted in another forum.
              Yes, please!

              "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.


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       is the "Flow of review" for a few seasons worth. Note, all of these are written at the TIME of watching, not me looking back...

                Leaving all the spelling errors, bad grammer, and stupid comments included.

                The Gathering
                I love the Amega style CGI

                Edit, I must of seen it when it first aired, as I remember the doctor talk about seeing the alien inside the suit.

                Was ok, not a bad Pilot, I have seen a lot more painful to watch Pilots.

                "Midnight on the Firing Line"
                when a raider ship is behind a fighter, and the fighter just flips around and fires while still maintaining its Inertia. turns out I had seen it, as somewhere in my head I knew the plot, but I just grinned when you had silent space and one of the fighters just flipped around and while still maintaining it inertia fired away.

                Soul Hunter - I though this was a odd story, but the key bit is Delenna<sp> is not who she appears to be. That and the last bit where she cracking open the "soul spheres" is memorable. I also spent a hour trying to figure out who was the actress who was playing her, then i figured it out, she played in lost.

                Born in the Purple - good exposition bit, lets you learn the characters more, so far the series is "good" and noteworthy as most SF shows are dire and become good.

                Infection - as soon as I saw the armor of the bad guy, I remembered the whole plot line, guess I saw this as a kid when it was first run.

                Parliament of dreams - I thought this episode was "Cute", and I get the sense of what I heard before, that this is a "novel on TV" and each of these episodes are chapters that are showing main characters for who they are. I guess the lightbulb in the head went off here. The ending was a nice honest look at the Multiculturalism, and how aliens are written as mono-cultures.

                Mind War - Surprised to see Singularity concept in a SF show as I mentioned. It was also fun to see Walter Koenig who really is a solid actor as Bester, glad to hear that he returns. His aide was cute too (Drooling)

                The war Prayer - not a bad episode, and and important to show that racism (or is this specisism?) is alive and well. I saw the "twist" of Susan I. man squeeze as a bad guy a mile away, which did suck out some of the fun of the episode.

                "And the sky is full of stars" - Umm, brilliant. Now I really want to know what happened at the line. I know at the time that this episode was out of this world, and even today it is a impressive episode. (And for the record, I kinda enjoy the old fashioned CGI, then it amazing, now it is charming)

                "Deathwalker - I enjoyed this episode. The series is feeling like it finding its feet and producing strong episodes. I forgot that Andrea Thompson back in the day was a "Blond Bombshell". Also as soon as you see all the folks in the observational lounge I thought "Vorlons will take care of this" which they did.

                (Editor notes, this is from though Deathwalker)
                Overall notes, I really like it so far, very well written series and you can tell they had a limited budget, but you can tell they are doing the best they can with that budget. Also I don't groan when a character shows up on screen, which its almost a first on a first season of a SF show.

                I watched Believers and also Survivors. And....Believers sucked except for the Susan I. bits, and Survivors was surprisingly boring.

                Mods, forgive for me to double post -- But I must say this.

                Signs and Portents was freaking amazing.

                Signs and Portents thoughts from a first time watcher

                I really like it that they assume that the viewer is not a idiot. It is also very well written and produced. There are three plot lines so its very thickly textured, with all of them coming together near the end.

                I am still absorbing a lot of what happened.

                1) "Shadows" seem to be bad news, and they have a powerful ship(s) to boot.
                2) The older races seem to be aware of what they are, the younger races less so.
                3) Since Mr. Shadow did not visit Sinclair and ask him the question, are the Vorlons protecting humanity? (When Kosh says "Do not go near them" and has a fight off screen)
                4) Lots of CGI shots, Almost felt like a two parter as I am sure they pulled a lot of stops getting this episode finished.
                5) funny how it works, Kosh has done a lot of bad things, but you get the sense he not the "Bad guy" while the shadow guy does a lot of good things, yet you know in your gut he evil as heck. Good writing, a lot of series would fail that test.
                6) The Narn answer was one of two things A) too evil as it would be Genocide or B) not ambitious enough. I think B is the answer.
                7) Lando owes them big, somehow I don't think good will come of it.
                8) I remember that Triangle on a Mambari head before, the male membari head had one when he said Sinclair must be eliminated if he remembers.
                9) It was a nice touch to point out after all the adventure and space battles, that someone on the B5 team died.
                10) noticed this before, but bigger hair= Higher status among the centari<sp> males I assume.

                Watched Grail, and it had a rather well rendered CGI alien...

                TKO sucked, off to watch more b5

                Eyes was fun, saved by Jeffery Combs.

                A Voice in the Wilderness - Didn't think it was as dense as "Signs" but still highly entertaining and Londo should be arrested for grand theft as he steals each bit that he is in.

                After watching the episode "Babylon Squared" I guessing it setting itself up for a Wagnerian opera in scope epic?

                Well points of departure was awkward. you are correct in that it felt like yet another Pilot episode as its main goal was to introduce the new commander.

                Babylon Squared was a very good episode. I am guessing we will see Zathras again at some point. The nice thing is that there is a lot of little hints thrown about the episodes, no wonder people rewatch B5

                The Question of Mercy I enjoyed, a simple tale and once the prisoner escaped I figured out what was going to happen really quick as it a common trope/formula. I just realized that Bill Mumy was the kid in Lost in Space, kinda like it took me a few episodes of watching to figure out Delenn was the same actress that was in Lost. and a nice "Ewww" when you figure out the body part that was used in the cheating.

                In Legacies I suspected the entire time that the body was never placed on the station. It was nice for me to be wrong.

                and now...

                Chrysalis - now this is how you do a season final. A lot was going on and I am still adsorbing it. The funny thing that got me go "wooa" was not the president blowing up, not Garibaldi getting shot (Though who betrayed him was a surprise but yet logical at the same time.) and not Delenn going into a Cocoon. But when the shadows show up talking to Morden, and Morden is talking as a near equal to the shadows.

                Finished the first four episodes of s2, the Technomages I thought where cheesy, but the Cortez was awesome. Though it is nice to see someone who gets hurt badly have a hard time recovering on TV. The bit where garibaldi is thinking of suicide was so well done and subtle.

                The Long Dark - First off, is our good doctor taking notes from the "Laforge book on how to be a sweet but deeply creepy guy"? I mean "Sorry your husband died, and it wasn't a machine failure, he was killed." then tries to make out. I guess I laugh since that something stupid I tried to pull off .

                It is also good to see Dwight Schultz in a role, and he does a good job for being a throwaway guest star. This episode is better then it deserves to be.

                A Spider in the web - This is the first episode where you see added layers being dabbed on to the story. I kinda root for Mars myself. In the coming war there might be need for this type of weapon vs. the shadows...but then again, the shadows might very well get the weapon of the near zombies.

                A race though Dark Places - I was surprised by how good this episode was, and it was fun to see how the doctor was smuggling people, and a lot of stuff that seemed normal had its own reasons.

                Soul Mates - Fun episode, I have to admit that even Londo getting hit by the two darts was darkly funny. I forgot how nice Mira Furlan can look. after a couple of serious episodes it was good to have a good funny episode....That and Peter David wrote one of my fave Star Trek novels as a kid, "Vendetta".

                The coming of Shadows - This is still one of those "Wow" episodes. A lot is going on, and it is VERY VERY good episode. I guess the best part, is that it one of the few SF episodes where a war starts, and instead of getting the feeling "This is going to be fun and get to see a lot of space battles." it is more correctly of dread as "How in the #$(*# did we get here. The wheel of fate keeps rolling at now the Narn might be once again being on the bad side. (as a Aside, due to my religious beliefs, it matches closely with the "pride Cycle" and thus is doubly enjoyable to be seen, but thats a aside) There is a LOT going on in this episode, Londo's dream, War beginning, Centuari Politics, Kosh fateful words, Rangers, near assassination attempts. Will rewatch it again before going on the next episode.


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                  finished watching "Confessions and Lamentations" last night and I will say this, when they opened the door and ALL the Markab's where dead, I was floored. (Shiver)

                  Of course, two things that sprung into my mind - last encounter with this illness was 1000 years ago, when the shadows where known to be about (along with the weapon in "Infection") and it makes me wonder if it was something that just happened, or a genocidal weapon unleashed on the Markab's.

                  And of course, since humans don't get ill from the sickness, the viking blood in me was thinking "Markab homeworld and bases are now great looting and pillaging locations." That and our doctor might have a Stim problem.

                  I am following the Lurkers list for viewing order except I have not watched In the Beginning. So I have also watched knives prior to "In the shadow" and "Now for a word" was highly enjoyable and fun episode in its own way.

                  Gropos - I found Dr. Franklin and his dad's part as not great, but not bad. The rest of the episode was a bit "paint by the numbers" and would of been more surprised if any of the troops Survived then died. They could of dropped the CGI ground battle bits and left it mostly to imagination and giving more action time elsewhere.

                  All Alone in the night - this was a much better episode, the dream I still don't get (I think that was the point) and General Hague added another notch to the series. The battle sequences where cool too. I smell trouble in the grey council.

                  Acts of Sacrifice - Susan Subplot = Narn bits realistic and sad, wheel of fate G'kar. I thought of a few kinky things you could do with the gift.

                  Hunter, Prey - I saw this on TV one time, So it kinda ruined the suspense on how they solved it. Lots of noteworthy stuff happened in this episode. loved the "NEVER ASK THAT QUESTION"...that and I wonder if he gave the real data-crystal in the end...

                  There the Honor Lies - I remember the singing bit the most, very amazing bit of TV viewing. The lying mainplot was only ok, I was more curious on the Kosh-Sheridan bits. Also the Giftshop bits was funny.

                  And Now for a word - I love this episode, cool way to tell a one off story. also shows a lot what is happening "Back home". Yes, I spent 20 mins getting netflix to stop at the frame in the commercial.

                  Knives - Is a lot better then it should be. The creature bit was odd, the Londo bits where meaty.

                  Well, Divided Loyalties, a lot going on in this episode...

                  Lyta Alexander looks a lot better with the longer hair, she looked a bit too much like another female character from the OTHER space station show that I love.

                  Talia and Susan, tastefully done and poor Susan will have a hard time trusting anyone again. (I hope I read the Talia and Susan staying over bit correctly, since it was done with a subtle hand...)

                  Garibaldi reaction cracked me up on the "command" bit, but then I thought, you know, if he really was the a sleeper, he protected himself. Guess I am getting paranoid enough.

                  The Long, Twilight Struggle - Wow, this is a impressive episode, actually in my mind, might be the best of the series so far. The tone of this episode is grim, but it is movie quality lighting and filming in this. Not going into details but a LOT was going on.

                  Comes the Inquisitor - Curious episode. Funny enough I guessed who it was once I saw his outfit and him looking down and talking about filth, and the camera zoomed in on what may be a "lady of the night."

                  The Fall of Night - Awarded the "Feel good episode of the year"... being sarcastic of course. Well done episode and we see Kosh, or more exactly, what Kosh WHATS us to see. Nice touches on earth "Peace in our time" talks. I get the weird feeling that B5 might not be a earth-force station for long, as I get the sense that the command crew is near a mutiny to the clark government, and they are being painted into a corner. I enjoyed the Vir/Lannier bit a lot more then I should. The lighting of the candles at the end by Susan was a nice touch of hope as things are going bad.


                  Kiffer - Give a Vir like handwave, I don't think I will miss him.

                  Finished Matter of Honor - first off, cool episode, and it goes to prove that any station show needs a cool ship to get around in (Ds9 had the Defiant, B5 has the White star.)

                  Liked the opening credits, noticed that you had starfuries fighting star-furies. Also I am sure the miltary caste would be pissed to find out that the Star-killer who killed the Blackstar is now in command of the white star.

                  Also, one day I want to see a Minbari that is psychotic and homicidal from drinking. Also a good point that it could be any Vorlon in the encounter suit. Last but not least, I am still upset that my salvage operation idea (some call it grave robbing) of the Markab has been slightly ruined

                  Convictions - Not that great of a episode, though the B-plot conversations in the elevator was a riot. The mad bomber was poorly acted and it felt like a bad episode of Criminal Minds.

                  A day in the Strife
                  - Not as weak as convictions, but it kinda reminded me of a DS9 episode (Egads!) It was nice to see the fellow captive Narn and he standing up to the issues. Our doctor needs to go to a 12 step program...poor guy.

                  Passing though Gethsemane - Now THIS is a great episode. I figured that the monk was a former mind-wipe (which might be just me, but that is a horrific punishment.) But seeing the new monk was a shocker. Wonder if that was the payoff on the monks, or if there more to them. No idea what the newly good looking Lyta is up to.

                  Voices of Authority - Well first off, was that Morden that was talking to president Clark? And a political officer, even a cute one, Gaaaa !! This was one of those episodes where the plot is extended another couple of yards, so I will take a break so I can process it before continuing.

                  "Dust to Dust" - this is a very solid episode and while being a stand alone episode, carrys its own water as far as overall plot and development. Kosh is a manipulative alien, and they will use all there pawns before they themselves lift a finger. Liked the "danger" sign next to Kosh at the end. Dust as a Psy-corps project does not shock me. They would love to have a drug that causes Telepathy. Walter Koeing is a underrated actor.

                  "Exogenesis" - Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.... Not a strong effort in my mind. good for flavor, but why does the doctor or the captain try to get information about the previous wars from the symboiants<sp> long memories, sure they could of found some useful information.

                  "Messages from Earth"
                  - I really REALLY like this episode. I happen to think its brilliant. My random prediction is that we know who Garibaldi was with when he saw the shadow ship. This also payoff a lot of little threads laid out over the previous episodes. And it logically pays off with the next two episodes....

                  "Point of No Return" - It was fun to see the guest star, and I guess I understand the rivalry as DS9 and B5 did share some of the themes (From what I understand, she wanted to sooth some of the fandom craziness between the series) and the ending with Vir and Londo was classic. "No, I am going to order in"... And if I had a ship and was dealing with blackwatch types, I would be thinking that living in hyperspace might not be a bad idea. I love the fact that the space battle was on TV, in B5, so you are like the people who are watching it, trying to catch every little bit of what is going on.

                  "Severed Dreams" - Well, this was a amazing episode. Nuff said. Also liked that it did not resort to a deus ex machina ending (Cough DS9 sacrifice of angels cough). Of course, this will play in Clarks hands at home with aliens defending b5. Poor Mars. our good guys will need to have ships to keep defecting or obtain some sort of shipyard, as otherwise they will be ground underneath the production of earth.


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                    Wow, you got really far Best is yet to come!
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                      Originally posted by SmileOfTheShadow View Post
                      Wow, you got really far Best is yet to come!
                      I started watching back on April 25th...So thats the last..24 days or so...


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                        Originally posted by Distorted Humor View Post
                        I started watching back on April 25th...So thats the last..24 days or so...
                        Welcome to our group, DH.

                        Looks like you are catching a lot of stuff the first time.

                        Much more goodness to come

                        Second (and subsequent) times you will realize just how much foreshadowing B5 has got. I guess I have never seen anything quite like it.

                        Also, coming form a Trek- background I now see the profound differences between the two.

                        Looking forward to more of your comments.
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                          Welcome DH. I'm fairly new to this board myself, but its good fun and everyone made me feel welcome. Like the reviews you've posted as well, I'll have a proper read later. It's great to talk about the show in depth when you know a lot about it, but its really nice to see someone just getting into the universe and see what they make of the series as well. keep those reviews coming
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                            I sometimes wish that I could delete my memories of the show and watch the whole thing over again from scratch over a short period of time. It was great to watch it take shape week by week over five years, but I imagine it is also pretty awesome to watch the whole thing unfold day by day.

                            DH, welcome ... and enjoy the second half of the show.

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                              We'll have to wait for them to figure out how to mindwipe GH, then we can enjoy the show all over again! I was going to refer to you as Mr. Hair, but it just seemed weird to do that!
                              I'm a pessimist: that way you're never disappointed but frequently, pleasantly surprised