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Could we get a game now?

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  • Could we get a game now?

    guys and gals,

    ok, here's the point.....
    I paid $40 back in '97 to reserve the B% game Sierra was gonna make. I remember it was going to be so cool. they were using the cgi company that was used in te show to do the animation. So for the first time i was gonna be able to tell me Trekkie friends to shove their TNG games up their Pak-ma-Rah...
    Then the day the game was supposed to come out, I go to the store, like any loyal fanboy, only to find out that Sierra had pulled the plug..
    Talk about ready to take a PPG to someone...
    I remember helping send tons and tons of email to Sierra with other fanboys/girls begging them to release the game. Hoping they would at least pull a Half-life. and let some talented fans finish it..

    Fast-foward to now.......

    Do you think WB will have anough cahonas to release a game, maybe for Xbox or PS2?
    Surely they retained the rights for a game..
    whatcha think?
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    No cojones required. The problem is that Warner Bros. is not a PC or video game company. So they can't create or release a game themselves. What they need is a game company (like Sierra) to decide that making a B5 game is in its best interest, and to pay for a license to produce one.

    JMS has mentioned that WB's decision to do TMoS has created interest in other projects, including new novels and at least one other project he can't talk about yet. This may itself be a game, or it may be that all this renewed interest in the B5 universe will inspire someone to go ahead with a new game.

    So while I'm not aware of any definite good news in this area, I'd certainly be optimistic. If nothing else I would expect a tie-in game when the movie is eventually released.


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      Of course, even if all that did come to pass, there would still be the possibility of it ending up to be a pretty mediocre piece of work : /


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        Yeah I don't think it could truly be satisfying unless you could incorporate all of the aspects of the B5 universe into it ... with multi-player "internet space" just about anything is possible ... but the dynamics of creating such a game would see production time defeating the obsolescence of system requirements (forcing multiple rewrites and upgrades) and possibly the outlive interest in the game itself.

        I would still buy it though.
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          Right now i think EVE online is about as close as your going to get. I have seen some attempts done for a B-5 based game in older open-GL.(not so great textures IMHO), and i cetainly wouldnt want to see it do as badly as the farscape game did .

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            When Sierra pulled the plug out of the game project i almost dropped dead. The only game based on a series/movie that i ever wanted to buy and then it gets canceled. Just my luck.

            Joe already gave a good explanation for our chances to get a new game. It will strongly depend on the success of TMoS or any other project that will come up. In other words: if Babylon5 starts to develop into a real successful franchise, we will get our game. Or maybe even more of them.

            And that doesn'nt mean they have to be *good* games.

            I don't know if you guys already about it, but there is fanproject out there called "I've found her".

            You may want to check this out.
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              Originally posted by chaostaenzer
              I don't know if you guys already about it, but there is fanproject out there called "I've found her".

              You may want to check this out.
              I've tried this game. It is Freeware, but do not let that stop you. The production values and artwork are incredible.

              Not only that, but they used the correct physics model so gameplay gets interesting fast.

              It is a small game (they call it a prequel to the actual game). It consists of three sections to train you (basic movement around Io, traversing hyperspace, and basic combat), then you have a couple of missions which set up the storyline.

              If you've ever wanted to gun down raiders (or Frazi heavy fighters, or Starfuries, for that matter) than this game is well worth the (free) download (<300 Mb if I remember correctly).



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                There seems to be no Mac version on any free download...

                I loved Descent (and Descent 3), haven't played much beyond those two, I'd buy the B5 game, but only if it doesn't mean having to buy a Windows PC to play it.
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                  I have to admit 'Ive Found her' is a pretty good game
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                    hmm, think i need flight sticks. keyboard and mouse isnt cutting it.


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                      just finished IFH, works excelent with a joystick.

                      but is that starfury hard to fly or what?

                      this game really shows what the B5 game could have been.

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                        [game spoilers...]

                        Originally posted by circularREASON
                        just finished IFH, works excelent with a joystick.

                        but is that starfury hard to fly or what?

                        this game really shows what the B5 game could have been.

                        Flying a Statfury is easy. Not getting blown to atoms by swarming Frazi fighters or a squad of Black Omegas is another thing entirely...

                        But I do agree with you, it is a shame that this (along with a few fan-made mods of other games) are the only fruits of B5 in the computer gaming world.



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                          Well the original Sierra game was to be a full flight simulator. The idea was that you could take control of numerous craft from many races and carry out missions throughout the B5 universe.

                          From what I read at the time, the game was basically finished. All the hard work had been done, and all that was left was a bit of polishing. Then Sierra decided B5 was not a large enough franchise to make enough money. (despite already spending the time and money to make the game)

                          If I remember correctly it was around the same time that the company Sierra changed hands and that was probably the reason for the decision. (Up until that point Sierra was a 'TOP' games company making games like Halflife. Since then they have been very average)

                          The hardest thing to swallow was the fact that the game was pretty much ready to launch. I expect it still exists somewhere on some games designer's pc, never to see the light of day again.


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                            Ya... i don't know i will ever forgive Sierra for that... Although the upside of that is they gave away all the promotional items they had created to advertise the game. (yes they were that close to the release). SO, i have a Poster, 3d mouse pad, and a shadow watch.

                            Of course i would trade them all in for a great flight sim.


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                              Wouldn't you trade the poster for something else?