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  • Boxset packaging info for people in UK

    Hi all.

    For those (in the UK) who aren't aware of this (and I apologise if this is old news, but I was reading through an earlier thread)... It now seems that all B5 boxsets are being sold with the new (discs in seperate slimline cases) packaging.

    Before I started buying them (starting about 3 months ago) I'd known that there was a change in packaging from season 4 onwards - and went ahead and bought season 2 knowing that there wouldn't be much I would be able to do about having a odd-looking collection on my shelf.

    Then I bought season 3 next, which came in the newer (and much better) packaging. By this time I'd forgotten that the changeover happened at season 4 - it was only when I got season 1, also in the newer packaging, that the penny dropped. It appears that all releases from now on (unless they're very old stock, presumably) will come in the nicer boxes.

    This isn't much use to anyone who has bought all the seasons in the UK already, but I thought I'd pass the information on anyway.

    Tried on Saturday to speak to "Warners Bros UK" (which seems to be based in India, as most call centres are these days) about perhaps being able to buy an updated S2 box from them. There was only one guy there, and he couldn't help much. But I was told to ring back - and if my efforts come to anything, I'll let you know. We might all be able to get our collections looking uniform if enough of us ask them for this.

    Sorry. I was dreaming there.
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