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  • The Show..

    Some were saying that the "new delivery system" may have been Warner Bros. attempt at a "Netflix" like system to provide the new B5 show on.....who knows...

    But either way, re-boot is fine as long as it's not the original b5 story re-told again, end of the day, nobody can replace, Dr.Franklin, G-Kar, and Zak, so leave as is, I thing is for sure, the return of B5 is LONG OVERDUE, actions speak louder than words, bring it on!!!


    • For my money, I'd like to see a re-boot take place between 'Objects at Rest' and 'Sleeping in Light.' Lots of elbow room to tell great stories while allowing JMS to write around the actors that are no longer with us. And maybe resolve the Crusade story at the same time, but put a bullet in Gideon's head off-camera, not that Gary Cole would ever come back again anyway. There are a ton of stories that could be told within that time period, although there would have to be some sort of new launching point; most new viewers don't want to jump aboard a moving bus.


      • Well, now we know why JMS was hesitant to tell us about this before and why it was a good thing. If we had heard about the deal that fell through before it would be quite painful now. At the moment, we still still have some hope that he can do something.